Wedding Rituals Typical To Kerala Nair Weddings

It is true that the Nair community in Kerala were essentially warriors who left home immediately after the wedding, the rituals not complicated rather easy to perform. A few of the rituals take place before the wedding and the rest happen during the ceremony and afterwards. Essentially, Chingam is the month in which most of the weddings take place as it is considered auspicious. Typically, matching the horoscope is the precursor to the wedding and even though some of the people do not pay much attention to this ritual, it is the predisposition of the ancestors and the elders in the family and hence is part of Kerala Matrimony. In fact, no wedding is Kerala is finalised without the matching of horoscope. The ceremony of the wedding usually takes place in a temple which is situated near the house of the bride.

  • Meeting the bride: It is only after the horoscopes match that the groom along with the parents and other elders in the family goes to meet the bride formally. Whether to celebrate this occasion which is also called Pennu Kanal or not depends on the temperament of the family of the bride. The parents of the bride also visit the house of the groom to take a look a look at the future home of the daughter which is called Veedu Kanal.
  • Formal introduction of wedding: As soon as the consent comes from the families of the bride and groom, the formal introduction takes place in the form of engagement ceremony which is also called Vivaha Nishchayam. Exchange of rings signifies this occasion and it can be elaborate.
  • Day before the wedding: As part of Kerala Matrimony, a traditional feast is organised before the day of the wedding in which the bride dressed in her best attire which is a sari and jewellery as the groom accompanied by the family arrives at the house of the bride. This ceremony is also called Ayana.
  • Seeking the blessing of elders: Just as it happens in other weddings, it is possible to seek the blessings of the elders before the wedding and the thali carrying the mangalsutra is taken to the venue of the wedding. The mangalsutra is tied around the neck of the bride after she seeks the blessings of the elders. This ceremony is organised in temple or the ancestral home of the bride.
  • Day of the wedding: This is the most important part of the ceremony in which the people in the home of the bride wait for the arrival of the groom with the traditional music being played at the backdrop. As soon as the groom arrives, the brother of the bride washes the feet and aarti is performed by the ladies. With exchange of garlands and the ceremony of Kaayadan in which the father of the bride officially hands over the groom, the wedding rituals come to completion. After this, the members of both families enjoy the traditional feast or Sadhya which consists of twenty five items which is served on the leaf of plantain.
  • Post wedding rituals: As soon as the wedding gets over, it is time for the bride to move towards her new home and the women in the new household welcome her with aarti and she needs to put the right foot into the home carrying the traditional lamp.

The wedding in the Nair community presents different rituals but they are brief. There are little or no religious compulsions in the wedding of this community.

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Some Interesting All Women Only Rituals In A Kerala Wedding

Wedding today in Kerala are a bit different as modern elements have made their entry into the scenario but the rituals have remained similar. In fact, the rituals are considered extremely important in Kerala weddings and most of the families follow them to the core. Right from the time when the wedding takes place to the completion of the affairs, the dominance of rituals can be witnessed. As far as Kerala Matrimony is concerned, you should watch the illuminated functions and the attire of the bride in which the traditional silk saris are combined with jewellery which is equally appealing. With all this, the role of women in this wedding is something that needs mention. As a matter of fact, there are many rituals that are pulled by the women force at home and the rest of the things can be handled by men. The role played by women makes some of the occasions more beautiful and elegant as you watch over the sensitivity of the female gender.

  • Day of the wedding: In the morning of the day of wedding, the bride visits the temple with the rest of the womenfolk at home and light candles on the pillar of the temple praying for a long and happy married life. Even though this is not a part of the strict rituals of Kerala Matrimony, it is still considered auspicious and involves the women at home.
  • Journey to the mandap: The invitation that the groom receives to proceed towards the mandap in which the wedding is to be held and while escorting the bride and groom to the mandap, you will find girls with thalams in their hands and this is exclusively to be done by women. The thalams contain a lamp and other articles that are symbolic to weddings in Kerala.
  • Arrival of the groom: Just as when the groom arrives at the venue of the wedding, there are rituals that are to be carried out and in the same time, an aarthi is performed inside the room of the bride which is also called Aayiramthiri. This ceremony is extremely auspicious and is performed by the maidservant at home or a woman from the neighbourhood who is not directly related to the bride. The significance of this ceremony is to make the bride pure before the wedding and ward off all the evil forces.
  • Offering milk and banana: Immediately after the completion of the wedding rituals, the bride and groom are taken away inside home and the mother of the bride offers milk and banana to the newly-wed couple.
  • Performing the thiruvathira: In this ceremony which is reserved exclusively for the ladies in the house, performing the thiruvathira with the authentic lamp in the centre wearing traditional saris in cream shade is something which is strictly traditional.
  • Aarti of the couple: During Grihapravesham when the bride enters the home of her in-laws for the first time, the aarti is performed by the mother of the groom and boiling of milk in the kitchen signifies her inclusion in the family.

The rituals as performed by women in the house make them exclusively women’s rituals. While the wedding ceremony and the arrangements are a treat to the eyes, rituals of women can be cherished in the mind.

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Essential Pujas Before a Traditional Kerala Wedding

The culturally strong and sensitive Malayalees begin their wedding preparations before the actual ceremony. They plan it before weeks or even months at times. The muhurtham and date of the marriage are finalized for the wedding ceremonies and the engagement. Thereafter, both the families of the soon-to-be bride and the groom wait for the wedding date with a lot of anticipation. They have a lot of anxiety and expectations right from this day. The pre-wedding days of a Kerala Matrimonial are filled with celebration and enthusiasm in the houses of the bride and groom.


It largely includes large-scale feasting. The series of pujas performed before the wedding entail special significance.

  • Muhurtham: Marking the main space of pre-wedding customs in Malayalee marriages, Muhurtham sets the tone for the showdown. Well before the wedlock spectacle, the parents of the groom and prospective bride exchange their kundalis. They check the compatibility of the soon-to-be couple. Before they tie the nuptial knot, this part is necessary. If and after the horoscopes match, the priest chooses an auspicious time and day. It is called muhurtham. The family astrologer figures out the date, the day to conduct the engagement and the wedding ceremony. They fix the wedding day after the consulting about the same with you.
  • The engagement ceremony or Nischayam: Nischayam in Kerala Matrimonial is traditionally performed at the ancestral abode of the bride. This is done to formally announce the marriage’s confirmation. The close relatives and family members witness this private affair. However, with evolving times, people want to venue away from their own houses. They choose places like lawns, banquet halls or resorts. These days, faraway relatives and friends also attend the ceremony to witness this momentous occasion.
  • More on the tradition: Traditionally, the engagement ceremony or nischaya thamboolam is exchanged of both sides. In current times, they also exchange the engagement ring during this ceremony. It happens mostly when the marriage is just a few months post the occasion. This ceremony is followed by a sumptuous and lavish feast at the venue or home of the bride. Here, traditional dishes of the state are served to each guest.
  • Visit to the temple and traditional feast: The hosts serve traditional food to the guests of the bride and the members of her family. It happens a day before the main wedding. The bride is asked to sit facing eastwards. She takes a traditional and pure vegetarian meal, which is five-course. She has this meal with her family members. In certain malayalee communities, the girl also visits a temple in the vicinity along with her family members to offer prayers and respect to God. After returning from God’s abode, the bride asks for blessings from elders and relatives. She touches their feet. The groom also follows a similar ritual at his house. It takes place a day before the D-day.

If you just look at the dish served to guests, you will know how much importance is placed on the vestige of the region. Weddings are the tools to present your culture and keralites do it excellently.

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Ways to Make a Kerala Wedding a Treat to The Eye

Kerala weddings have their splendor and beauty ingrained in their simplicity and cultural vestige. They don’t carry the pomp and extravagant display of money and resources that’s such a common thing in North India. The wedding is simple and beautiful. It takes place in the morning and the entire ritual gets over by sunset. To make the set and day eye-catching, you need to enhance the resources you have because you can’t go beyond them. That’s the first limitation in a Kerala Matrimonial.

Already known for their heavy jewelry and ornaments, Malayali brides are simply the cynosure of the day. From head to waist, they are laden with heavy, ornate jewelry. It is the huge amount of gold that adorns these women. They make things look catchy and definitely different.

  • The array of dishes after marriage: There is a brilliant series of post-wedding meals. They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Welcome to Kerala Matrimonial. The wedding ceremony is commonly over within lunchtime. The platter consists of side dishes, par boiled pink rice, pickles, savories and desserts scattered across the plantain leaf.
  • Blending the tradition: Tradition states and insists that the main tapering end of the concerned leaf points the seated guests’ left. The feast starts with the hosts serving Parippu. It is a liquid curry made of ghee and small gram. Sambar is the second course, followed by Avial, which is another side dish. It’s a blend of coconut paste, vegetables and green chilies. You will find that some of the auxiliary crucial side dishes entail olan and thoran. The savories entail ginger pickle, upperi, pappadam, khichadi and pachchadi.
  • Drop down to desserts: Mid-way through the meal, they serve desserts. Then you have Payasam or pudding, which is a thick fluid serving or dish brimming with coconut milk, sweet brown molasses and spices. They are garnished with raisins and cashew nuts. Then you have a ripe yellow and golden plantain called Pazham, which is usually served with the payasams. After serving payasams, they serve you rice again accompanies with spicy rasam. It’s a great juncture of the wedding feast. Then you have seasoned and fresh buttermilk called Kaalan. It’s served at the end of the meal. You might have noticed by now that the entire menu is bustling with delicious and pure vegetarian meals.
  • Thriving on traditions: There is a plethora of interesting rituals and traditions happening at Malayali weddings. It starts from nischayam or the main engagement. It snowballs into wedding feast called the sadya. In contemporary times, the groom and bride tend to imbibe some north Indian traditions too.
  • Bolstering the light and mood: Well, considering the fact that the wedding happens during daytime, there’s not much scope to bring in heavy-duty lamps and bulbs. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot deck it up. Small dim light bulbs are brilliant tools to sync with the sunlight.

You can increase the radiance and vibrancy of the day in this way. The paper flowers and lanterns are added things here.

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Diary of a Muslim Bride

Muslims weddings are better known by the word Nikah in Urdu language. The rituals and ceremonies related to the wedding keeps varying in accordance with the sects, regional idiosyncrasies, customs and popular culture of those performing them. However, all weddings have one significant objective, that’s to celebrate the guy and girl’s scared union and then union of two families. Like all other scenes and religions, it’s the Muslim brides who hog the limelight. A little tour of the pre-wedding rituals and wedding customs of Muslim marriages will give you a clear idea that it’s all about the girl.


The set is much more than the flashy and heavy makeup, the heavy eye-makeup and glitzy shararas. Her bridal diary includes an assortment of things. The first time they met, wedding preparations, rituals and the trousseau to her first night and honeymoon.

  • The Istikhara custom: Starting off the pre-wedding journey is unarguably the most essential Nikah ritual of Istikhara. The community’s religious heads gather in the house to pray to seek Allah’s blessings and consent for the wedding. After this, it is commenced. In this concerned ritual, you have the mother of the groom visiting the bride’s house with sweets, savories and coin of gold or silver wrapped finely inside a piece of silk cloth. The would-be mother–in-law ties the cloth around the hand of the bride.
  • The mangi or engagement ceremony: This remains ubiquitous across all weddings of the region. The girl and the boy exchange rings in this ceremony. Both families are present to exchange dry fruits, fruits, sweets, gifts and other pleasantries.
  • Ritual of manjha: During this episode, the soon-to-be bride wears yellow clothes and the women of the house apply a paste obtained from turmeric or haldi on her body and face. It’s the same as Haaldi rasam of Hindus. After this ritual, the soon-to-be bride is supposed to stay at her house till the wedding day arrives.
  • The mehendi ceremony: The mehendi and Manjha ceremonies entail close similarities with Hindu marriage’s pre-wedding customs and rituals. In the Muslim world, they apply artistic and appealing henna designs on the feet, palms and hands of Muslim brides.
  • The Sanchaq custom: In this ritual, the family of the groom sends the ornaments and clothes for the girl. The soon-to-be bride wears them on the day of Nikah. As you can see, each ritual borders around the bride. It is she who is the cynosure right from day 1 and why wouldn’t she? After all, she in entering into a new house. In popular culture, she is regarded as a boon coming to the house, bringing luck and happiness.
  • The Rukhsat ritual: it’s the post-wedding ritual where the bride bids a tearful farewell to her family members. It happens after the completion of all the wedding rituals. On her arrival at the house of the groom, she is welcome by the mother-in-law with the holy
    Quran that she places on her head. It’s an avowal of the fact that she enters the house with God as witness.

When we speak of a bridal story, the makeup plays a huge role too and so does the clothes. Jewelry and accessories are also crucial.

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Get the Right Groom Look for the Nikaah

Nikah, also pronounced as Niquah or Niqah is an Urdu word defining marriage. It permits the man and woman to live their life as husband and wife according to Islam. Nikah ceremony’s wedding attire follows the elegant yet sober customs of the main ceremony. You will find that the wedding attires worn during a marriage display a wide variety of shades and fabrics, from sharas to saris and beautiful salwar kameez collections. The head of the bride is covered with a dupatta, symbolizing respect. The gunghat or veil is drawn to varying lengths and they range from covering the bride’s face just partially or falling or sloping down as far back as the delta and shoulders.

However, our present context is not to discuss about the Muslim Brides but talk about the miyas, or grooms.

muslim kerala
  • Regal and stamping: Make no confusion about this but a Muslim groom or dulah looks equally flamboyant in this traditional attire. Primarily, grooms adorn a majestic sherwani, upholding the traditional vestige. That’s the vestige. Sometimes. They also wear a heavily embroidered kurta accompanied by a fitting churidar pajama. Sometimes, you have grooms opting for a more western look. The Western suit apparel is the most common in this regard. However, there’s no match to the sherwani and its essence when it comes to the groom look.
  • Riding on customs: According to customs and popular culture, grooms always wear a floral headgear or veil of drooping roses during the marriage ceremony. They wear this as they enter the girl’s house. It is the more cultural influence or shall we say, cultural exchange when the grooms come to their in-laws’ houses with a headgear. On some occasions, they also ride on a horse. That’s really stamping!
  • The outfit story: The groom wears a kurta sherwani with a perfectly tailored churidar pajama. This is one combination that makes hearts pump and cameras just can’t stop clicking it. He also wears a cutesy, special turban. It’s more famously called Karakuli topi. He wears as he makes his grand entrance in the venue.
  • The footnote: Shoes are always the most important part of the outfit because they complete your attire and put a definition to any look. For a Muslim groom adorning the velvet sherwani kurta, making royal statement, getting the perfect pair of shoes is an imperative. The popular choice is mojaris, mostly black or creamy in color. Some also wear white but then the kurta and pajama is very different. The Nagrai shoe type is still in vogue albeit in the mojari pattern.
  • Other accessories: There’s nothing much left to deck up the groom. Contrary to the outfit and overall presentation of Muslim Brides or any other bride for that matter, a Muslim groom is quite soberly dressed. But his sobriety presages a royal and stylish exterior. The velvet texture defining the classic kurta look is incomplete is there’s not a great watch on the wrist.

Let’s admit it; people love to see a man wearing a watch. During marriage, you give the vibe that you value time and value it in style.

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Peculiarities and Specialties of a Telugu Wedding

Weddings are meant to give you complete fun and this would really be a perfect thing in life. So, when it comes to arranging the perfect wedding it would be vital that you know how you need to get around with things. Times have changed and so you should deal with everything that would come up. In telugu weddings you will see that there are many things that the couple should follow. So, in one way there would be lot many rituals. In Telugu Matrimony you will have to be open to various things and so just stay sure that you know what all things are important.

Telugu Indian Wedding Photography

Make your Telugu weddings perfect and just know about a few special things

Telugu weddings can be fun and here you will see there are so many guests who would really help you in making the perfect arrangements. Everything would start with the search of the right person. The bride and the groom family would also be asked to exchange the kundali. These days people have different perspectives in life and so it would be important that you just know what things would make a perfect wedding.

There are many rituals and the most peculiar one is the haldi ritual. The boy and the girl have to put haldi on their skin and this would turn out to be good enough. It is good in terms of the look and at the same time it is thought of as something for luck as well.

The bride and the groom are given some lucky charms which they should keep with them through out the wedding. Apart from these things you will see that even the basic things are to be considered and so just stay open to many such things and understand the right things.

In Telugu Matrimony you will find that there are such amazing options that will come up with you and so times have changed and you have to accept the same. Online options have become such amazing that today more of the ideas can be fetched from that platform.

You can be part of the rituals and even the modern stuff

With time everything changes and so it is important that when the telugu weddings are being held you should first make the list of all the things that are to be taken care of. If you are on the arrangement platform then there would be no run from there. You will have to check out the right ideas and that will surely give you a perfect feel. Every wedding has some or the other specialties and so what make a major difference is that things that are important should be looked out for.

Just stay ahead with time and see how you can take charge of the relevant options. Every wedding would have some or the other notion and so you have to be open to these basic ideas and that can help you in many good things.

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Tips to Make a Simple Telugu Wedding Look Grand

Often people think that the south Indian weddings are just filled with rituals. But today you will see that the styles and the wedding trends have changed. This is for better of everyone. So make sure that you just find out how you want the wedding to be, if you are bit tight with the budget then too you can get a good wedding done. In Telugu weddings if you just invest a bit in the best decoration and this can really be something amazing. For perfect Telugu Matrimony arrangements you will have to get in touch with the elders of the family so that they can guide with the rituals.

couple in middle east

How to make the wedding look awesome and grand?

Wedding happens once in lifetime and so it deserves some real amazing things. It is vital that you know how you need you have to get ahead with things. With time everything changes and that’s the reason why you have to select the relevant things. The dressing of the wedding couple and the family members make a good difference. So, if you really invest in the best dresses then the family would look perfect. There should be relevant decoration as per the requirements of Telugu marriages and that will matter the most.

If you are about to go for the destination wedding then there has to be an open choice for the same!  You can make a list of the reasonable and affordable resorts around and then think of the final thing. It would be a good way to make things work and that will really make a perfect idea click. Telugu Matrimony would have lots of rituals and in one way it would be fun. If you want to make it look grand then you can just add the flowers décor which would be quite rarely available in India. But you have to do the planning for the same well in advance. This will really work wonders and finally you will get a chance to enjoy the wedding.

The wedding cards would matter the most

In telugu weddings you will see that there are many invitees and so the wedding card that is created should be made in an elegant way. You should contact a good card design company for the same. Apart from that there should be relevant solutions in terms of the food that you keep the venue and even the other general preparations.

Some families also believe in giving gifts to the invitees and the guests and these ideas can really make things work. So, just stay sure that you know how you need to make these relevant preparations. You should know that the south Indian weddings are quite amazing and grand these days. So, gone are the days when simple temple weddings were being carried. Even though some families still follow these conservative thoughts they would throw a grand sangeet party or a reception party which would be perfect for all the guests.

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Understanding The Joint Family System in Kerala Marriages

If you know that what kind of things prevail in the family system then life can be settled. This is because most of the problems occur when too many people stay at a place. This means that when you have been looking for some same mind things then that would be near to impossible. In most of the Kerala weddings you will see that people prefer the joint family system. This is the basic reason why the bride and the groom should be ready to accept things. In Kerala Matrimony the elders would actually try to get the marriage arranged. But still the current generation would prefer love marriage and in such a case some liberty can be given.

kerala matrimony

How to stay in the joint family system after the wedding

We all live our life in our terms and the problem is that when we want things to be perfect then there has to be some important matters and for that there is a need to track the relevant options. So, just stay sure that you know how things are to be opted with. Like, the father is the main person in any house and so one should have respect for what he is. Most of the mothers and fathers in Kerala joint family system are liberal and modern. But there are always some exceptions. There should be peace at home and even there should be free communication. So, keeping all these things in mind the options should be sought.

Just plan everything in such a way that you know how you can cater to the basic things. People should leave apprehensions and there should be acceptance. These are some of the major things that can be thought of. Life can be tough if we always have negative things for people. In that case you should know that there would be some important things to be kept in mind.

For all the relevant details there should be some amount of understanding. The family may have some rule system and the bride and the groom should try the follow the same. The couple should love their families. The bride should be like a daughter to the mom in law and father in law and the groom should also treat the in laws in that way. In Kerala Matrimony you will see that people have a perfect feel and idea about how things are to be opted for.

The couple should respect the family values

The bride and the groom would have their own faith structure. But what matters the most is that Kerala Matrimony is something that can bring in lot of peace and so all you must do is get ahead and change the other things and so there has to be some important aspects to be determined. Just stay sure that you know how things are to be kept in mind and for that there would be some novel avenues too. There should be mutual respect and love and this will make things work.

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Some Important Traditions in Kerala Matrimony

India is filled with so many traditions and it’s really fun to be part of all that. Online options have really been quite amazing and so if you are looking for some of the best things that happen in Kerala wedding then you will really get a perfect feel. There are so many rituals and traditions at Kerala weddings and what matters the most is that what the youngster generation would believe in. they may not be aware of all the things that happen in Kerala Matrimony then they can talk about this to the elders and they will surely be the best guide.

muslim kerala

How to know what are the perfect rituals and customs in the weddings?

It is important that when you as the bride or the groom are getting married then there should be some discussion with the people around. The elders of the family and the friends and this will really be an important factor. You have to check out what kind of traditions prevails and that will be a good thing. As the modern bride and the groom there has to be some fun element too. But the option is that when it comes to getting the perfect feel you have to deal with things and that will really make a major thing. Just stay sure that you know how you need to deal with things.

You have to deal with many other things and that would create the right matter. There are many more things and that will be an important factor. Just stay ahead and make sure that you are about to get ahead with the basic rituals. So, make sure that you know how things are and then that can be open to various things. So, just stay sure that you are fine with all the relevant choices and that will be a good way to make sure that you know how to get ahead.

Weddings are amazing and they have to know that what all things are to be taken care of. There are many traditions and so there has to be perfect options for the same. These are some of the ideas that can be catered to. So, make way for a perfect thing and just think of all the viable things that are important. You need to be open to various traditions and that can come up with the right things.

Just know what things are important for the wedding

There are so many important things that can be catered to in the wedding and that would be a way that can handle everything. So, just make sure that you know how you can deal with things. Plan everything in such a way that you can make Kerala Matrimony a perfect way to make things work. So, just deal with all the relevant options and finalize how you can track the word in different ways.

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