Key Elements to a Telugu Bride’s Sarees Selection

Just like most Indian weddings, Telugu weddings are full of celebrations and colours. They are extremely beautiful and symbolic and even though they are simpler compared to the Northern weddings, the south Indian traditions are extremely joyful and cultural. There are various rituals that are conducted in a Telugu wedding and all of them are precisely completed at the right time. This is why, it is important for the Telugu bride to have her trousseau ready so that she can be all set to look fabulous all through the wedding ceremonies.

The wedding saree collection for a Bride’s Telugu Matrimonial

Bridal saree

This is the most important part of the trousseau in Telugu matrimony since it enhances your bridal look and brings you in the spotlight. The Telugu bridal attire is usually traditional and modest and is deeply in touch with the cultural roots of Telugu religion. Brides usually wear silk sarees with heavy golden borders. These sarees are usually simple and elegant. Nowadays they even wear chiffon, georgette and other sarees.

Other sarees

If you are packing your wedding trousseau, it is important to have a varied collection of sarees so that you always have the right kind of clothes to wear as per the occasion. Red and black are evergreen colours so you must include one of each in your trousseau. You can also opt for plain chiffon sarees with beautiful heavy borders. These can be worn when you get invited to dinner parties post wedding!

Silk Sarees

Telugu matrimony

A Telugu bridal trousseau is incomplete without her collection of silks. Silk sarees are known to last for a really long time. If taken good care, these can even be passed on to your children! They look extremely elegant and royal and suit brilliantly to a newly married bride. They also keep you warm so you can easily wear them in winters. In silk also there are different varieties like, Kanjeevaram silk, Banaras silk, silk Jacquard, etc. These usually come in bright colours like red, green and blue with beautiful patterns in gold as well.

Mix-n-match blouses

Even though you might get matching blouses with your heavy sarees, you can go modern and change its look by teaming it up with some really cool blouses. It is wise to get one black, silver and gold blouse in your wedding collection that will match with almost all your sarees. Also, if you get any saree as a gift during your wedding, you can immediately start wearing it with these blouses and skip the visits to the tailor!


Telugu matrimonyEven though the Telugu weddings are simple, the bridal jewellery is exquisite and full of gold. The main jewellery you will need is the temple jewellery with an antique gold finish. You will need quite a few necklaces since it is tradition to wear different layers during the ceremonies. You can also opt for solitaires or some simplistic jewellery when you go shopping so that you can wear it post wedding and it adds to the look of your saree that you clad.

With a great collection of sarees and jewellery, you will surely make a stunning Telugu bride. You can also keep a make-up kit, some classy sandals and some stylish bags in your bridal trousseau to complete your look!


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