Baidya Wedding Rituals worth Knowing

Although the fact is little known, Hindu Baidyas are indeed an integral part of the Bengali community who celebrate weddings with pomp and splendor. Hindu Baidya originating from West Bengal cherish their ceremonies and hold them close to their hearts. Right from the Subho dristi and Mala Badal to the Saat Paak, all of the rites and rituals are held in high regard. They are quite important in Bengali Matrimonial as they shine with Panchavedic Brahmin heritage.

Baidya marriage ceremony takes place to honor the rituals of olden times and still highlight the happy occasion where two people are coming together as a married couple. Take a closer look at their crucial nuptial rites to know more about these elaborate marriages.

The Bor Boron

Quite similar to the tilak ceremony, the bor boron takes place after the groom arrives at the girl’s residence. All of the groom’s family and relatives are present as well as the bride’s. He along with his family is honored by the bride’s parents and female relatives. The Baran Dala is then brought forward containing traditional Bengali sweets and a handful of husked rice grains.

The First Glance or Subho Dristi

This takes place after the seven rounds around the holy fire when the bride and bridegroom look at each other without a partition. The first look is fondly known as Subho Dristi meaning auspicious glance. All the customs are upheld in fun-filled gatherings that are graced with the presence of family and close relatives. This rite takes place in front of all of the guests who then cheer at the Subho Dristi.

The Traditional Mala Badal

Bengali matrimony

The mala badal occurs after the subho dristi when the couple essentially performs a jaimala by throwing blossoming garlands around each other’s neck. However, as a variation, this is done as the girl sits on a pidi and her brothers or male cousins have been known to raise the seat playfully as the bridegroom tries to get the garland around her neck. They then take her around the bridegroom seven times in circles finishing the mala badal. As a rule the exchange of floral garlands is done not just once but in a total of three times.

The All Important Saat Paak and Sindoor

This culminates the marriage ceremony with a sampradaan that binds the bride and the groom together as a couple. They are then taken toward the Chhadnatola and it is there that the bride’s uncle places her palm in the bridegroom’s as the pandit continues with the chanted mantras. At this juncture the pandit binds the two palms together with a holy thread and places them on a small brass tumbler that is full of coconout pieces and a mango leaf.

This is when the couple takes seven rounds around the agni and get ready for the sindoor rite. The groom lastly places a thick pinch of vermillion along his wife’s hairline that culminates the marriage.

Although there are quite a few pre-wedding and post-wedding rites, these ceremonies culminate the Baidya marriage in a happy and holy union of two souls.


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