All you Need to Know about Bengali Brahmin Wedding Rituals

Bengali Brahmins who originate from West Bengal are known for hosting some of the most elaborate marriage functions. Bengali matrimony goes as per conventional ceremonies and traditions when it comes to a couple tying the knot in the Brahmin community. People from this community of Madhyadeshiya background in Bengal and are known as the Panch-Gauda Brahmins. They believe in the Hindu Varna structure and agree matching horoscopes prior to finalizing a match.

They agree to marriages of people from their caste only when they fall under different Gotras; which means that the girl and boy have different ancestors. Read on to know more about their sacred nuptial rituals.

Bengali matrimony
  • The Celebrations Begin with the Adhibas

Quite a big way to kick start the festivities, the Adhibas includes both families of the bride and groom. The ladies of both the homes step forth a few days prior to the wedding with seven beetle leaves and nuts. They also carry tiny coconuts from the girl’s home to take to the boy’s house. Seniors and elder relatives of the couple come together to sanctify the bride and groom.

  • Next is the Aashirwad Ceremony

The Bengali Brahmin match is to be solemnized by an engagement that is conducted by Brahmin pundits at one of the couple’s house. Friends and family bless the two and the Aashirwad is where the date of the nuptials is finalized.

  • A Puja or Vridhi Held at a Temple

Both the families head to their ancestral temples to pray to the deities they worship. They pray for the match to be approved and blessings to be given prior to the marriage. The brides as well as bridegroom’s father’s brothers have to perform the puja or vridhis.

  • Ganga Snan or Churakaran

Churakaran ceremony is on the day of the wedding early at dawn before the couple gets ready. They are each separately taken by a few married females to a close by river so that they can pray to please Goddess Ganga. The women then carry water from the water body to their houses so that the bride and bridegroom can bathe.

  • Accessorizing the Bride with Shaka Paula

The red and white bangles that adorn the wrist of every married Bengali woman are deemed to be sacred. They are essentially made of corals and shell worn by a girl on her wedding day as the pundit recites Sanskrit mantras. The churis are actually supposed to be gifted to the girl by her soon to be husband. The blushing bride then looks radiant in a red or maroon ensemble with a lot of keenly picked jewelry.

  • The Custom of the Wedding Procession

Before heading off for the wedding procession, the bridegroom dons a customary dhoti with a sherwani. The bride’s father’s brother then has the duty of arriving at the groom’s residence to invite him and the entire clan for the nuptials.

These elaborate Bengali Brahmin weddings are events that bring together two families and a couple joining the two souls forever.


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