How to Give a Modern Twist to a Traditional Brahmin Wedding

Who doesn’t love a quintessential traditional Indian wedding with a cosmopolitan touch to it? With the evolution of the cultural and traditional society in our country, weddings too have got their fair share of twists and colour of modernity, keeping the very essence of ancient rituals alive. Be it a Punjabi wedding, or a typical Bengali wedding or a Brahmin wedding in the south – these days one will find many twists and retouches in the wedding scenarios.

A typical Indian Brahmin matrimony starts with the engagement ceremony where the bride and the groom exchange rings and pre-wedding vows. To give a cosmopolitan touch, many a families are opting for various other fun-filled events and functions to make sure that it turns out to be a memorable day. For instance you can have musical and dance performances for both the families to mingle and bond. This could be akin to the sangeet ceremony held in the North Indian marriages. To add some tadka to the engagement you can arrange for a few games involving both the sides of the family. It could work as a good ice breaker.

Most people feel that Brahmin weddings are boring and long. But you can give an amazing twist to your wedding day rituals – not putting aside your rites and rituals. Add some interesting events to make the wedding enjoyable.

Exclusive-photo shoots can be arranged for the bride and the groom, in-between the various rituals. Since Brahmin weddings are longer and marking the fact that the bride and the groom remain on fast till the ultimate exchange of vow, a fun photo shoot will keep both the guests and the duo enthralled.

Even the wedding mandap or the kalyan mandapam where the rituals are held can be decked up in an innovative way. To ensure that the guests are involved while the couple exchanges vows, the exchange of garlands can be done in an innovative way. In this way you can maintain the sanctity of the rituals as well as keep it full of fun and vigour.

Brahmin Wedding stage
Brahmin Wedding stage

Seating arenas can be put up in the form of vintage cars or romantic boats, photo studios can also be put up where guests can have their desirable photos clicked, keeping in mind the selfie-generation!

When it comes to food, just because the food is vegetarian and it is exclusively a Brahmin wedding – It need not end up being boring. You can make it more interesting. For example, the kasi yatra in a Tamil Brahmin wedding – can be turned into more a fun event with the bride and her sisters/friends even ordering the groom to marry her!

These days several Brahmin matrimony services have come up providing wedding planners that can suggest some innovative ideas for a traditional Brahmin wedding. And if you are still wondering how to arrange your daughter’s wedding this winter, wait not just get in touch with any of the big wedding planners.


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