Typical Meals in Keralite Weddings

Why are weddings sought after in India? To celebrate the sacred union of two beautiful souls, to have fun and frolic with all relatives and friends under a single roof and most importantly, for having delicious, lip smacking food. Weddings in India have always been a grand affair with beautiful decor, enjoyable rituals and last but not the least lavish food.

Whether it is about spicy chicken tikka in a typical Punjabi wedding or having delicious mutton biryani in a Nizam-style Hyderabadi wedding – food in weddings has always been a major attraction for one and all. Visit any state; any wedding in any region – food always is an integral part of a successful wedding.

Hence, in every wedding the hosts ensure that they offer the best of dishes from various cuisines. Weddings in the southern region of the sub-continent in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka also focus largely on the food at the wedding.

Weddings in this part of the country are quiet, simple and traditional in nature emitting an essence of ancient Indian culture. But going by the simplicity of the weddings, do not ever be of the opinion that the food might be simple too! The food is neither simple nor boring; in fact when it comes to food, south Indian weddings might give stiff competition to any other region.

Wedding Food
Kerala Wedding Food

With a grand menu, a royal display and an affectionate way of serving makes food in Kerala matrimonial ceremonies delectable.

Since time immemorial, Keralites serve their food on banana leaves and have several courses of meal – each time a completely different variety with distinct taste and flavour. This entire-regal food affair is mainly vegetarian and is more popularly known as the ‘Sadhya’ in local language.

This pure vegetarian meal is delicious. The main item is rice – semi-polished Kerala red rice served with a variety of vegetarian dishes with sharkara upperi (jaggery chips), kaaya varuthathu (banana chips), sambar, rasam and parippu(lentil dish) being an integral part of the servings. These are accompanied with aviyal (mixed vegetables with coconut), kaalan (mixture of yogurt, coconut and yam), olan (preparation of pumpkin, coconut milk and ginger), koottukari (hot and spicy preparation of vegetable with coconut), kichadi (mixture of yogurt and cucumber). The meal is accompanied by mouth watering pastes, pickles, chutneys that is – achaar (spicy pickle of raw mango, lime or lemon), puliyinchi (a paste ginger, tamarind, green chillies and jaggery) associated with thoran (dish of sautéed vegetables of peas, green beans, raw jackfruit, carrots and cabbage prepared with grated coconut), pachadi (a sweeter version of kichadi made with grapes, pineapple and coconut) and pappadam. The end to this grand meal is the sweet dish of prathaman – like the traditional payasam made of milk with flakes of cooked rice.

Do not make a mistake while choosing caterers for your Kerala wedding. Select the best caterers with years of experience in making authentic Keralite food. Their flawless service and lip smacking food is sure to make your Keralite wedding a huge hit.


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