Shopping for Nair wedding

If there is anything in India that awes everyone with its vigor and extravaganza then it is the big fat Indian wedding. Indian weddings are a kind of festival in themselves. North to South, East to West- every Indian wedding is conducted with great pomp and show. Be it a Jat wedding or a typical Bengali wedding, we Indians love glamour in every wedding event.

But again there is a twist to the story, not all weddings are extravagant in nature – the southern region of the country believes in maintaining traditions with simplicity. Be it a Tamil Brahmin wedding or a Kerala Nair weddings, every ritual is observed with very aesthetically in very simple manners. The people believe in observing weddings in a way that are enriched with ancient traditions with subtle manners. But that does not turn them boring and uninteresting. The quintessential Nair matrimony ceremony has always its customs of being a low-key affair.

Especially typical Nair weddings, known for their rich traditional rituals are the simplest by nature. And yet, despite their simplicity they will keep you engaged with their variety and beautifully meaningful customs. Starting with the weddings and the pre-wedding preparations, what strikes first in mind is the tough task of shopping for the wedding.

Shopping for wedding involves several needs such as shopping materials for the wedding ceremonies, shopping the right attire for the bride and the groom and of course picking up gifts for the numerous relatives, friends and guests supposed to attend the wedding.

Nair wedding rituals generally involve of the engagement ceremony – the nishchayam ceremony which is conducted in order to announce the sacred union of the bride and the bride-groom with showering of blessings and exchange of ceremonial rings. There is also an exchange of gifts between the two families on this event and shopping starts right from here.

Pulimoottil Silk Saree
Pulimoottil Silk

When shopping for a Nair wedding, start from the engagement ceremony. One needs to get the right gifts to be exchanged with the other family and relatives. Also important is nice and beautiful engagement rings and a simple attire for the bride and the groom. Since Nair weddings believe in simplicity, it needs to be maintained in terms of the engagement dress for the couple. Generally the engagement dress includes saree for the bride and a dhoti for the groom though these days people are opting for a traditional yet cosmopolitan look with simple lehengas or half-sarees for the bride and simple shirt with dhoti for the groom. Mostly Nair weddings, being of the state Kerala, need the couple to be wed wear attire made out of rich pulimoottil silk.

For the wedding day, Nair brides deck up in sarees mostly of the customary white with golden zari borders, hence one needs to flock in into stores with the best bridal wear collection. Brides can choose to wear sarees of other colors, though they are never flashy or bling in nature. There are several boutiques and stores providing exclusive bridal wear collection- which also have items for other female members of the family. Also the right attire for the groom too is a must requirement. Apart from these, not much of materials or shiny items are required of Nair weddings – thanks to their simple ethnicity.

The only other requirement is getting good and memorable gifts for the guests, which would not require much of a herculean task.


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