Pre Wedding Photography for Iyer Wedding

Planning an Iyer wedding pre-wedding shoot? Still unaware of the tits-bits of planning an Iyer wedding pre-D-Day photo shoot?, We will take you for a ride for this photo session and let you know the nitty-gritties of the much loved photo-session affair in a big, fat, elaborate Indian Iyer wedding.

Gone are the days when photographs were taken with just the intention of living room frames and gifting to relatives as memories. These days with the advent of social media platforms and with the advancement in photo-technologies, photo session exclusive of weddings has become an integral part of all kinds of Indian weddings.

But how many of us are affluent with the fact that for any kind of wedding photo shoot, we need not just have knowledge of the camera and the lights but also adequate knowledge of the kind of wedding we are arranging the photo shoot for.

Especially for a typical Iyer wedding, one must never forget that just as the final day of rituals, the pre-wedding rituals too are an important part and are quite elaborate and distinctive by their own characteristics.

Pre wedding Photography
Pre wedding Photography

One can start the pre-wedding photography of the Iyer matrimony household right from the vrutham day – That is the day when the bride and the bride-groom seek blessings from the Almighty and their ancestors for the wedding to be solemnized. Though it is highly a religious affair, yet it is quite colorful event and includes both sides of the families. The photo-shoot can include photographs of the couple sitting together and offering their pious prayers along with their elders. Isn’t it the right frame to capture and show later on the initiation of the journey of the couple and their families in a sacred way?

Next followed by this event is the engagement ceremony or the nishchaiyatartham ceremony, marking the first exchange of pre-wedding vows between the couple and good wishes between the two families. Since this ceremony is also accompanied with a puja, it is necessary that the moments of the ring exchange, the moments of the bride’s parents blessing the bride-groom with new clothes and betel leaves and nuts. This embarks the journey of the bride-groom taking permission from the bride’s parents to take her upon his shoulders for a life time. Since this is an emotional moment for both the bride and the bride-groom, it needs to be captured in the most aesthetic way.

In case you intend to cover every aspect of the pre-wedding rituals, do remember to capture in lens the ‘lagna-patrika’ ritual – That marks the mutual agreement of both the families for the matrimonial alliance.

Another interesting part of the pre-wedding ritual in an Iyer wedding is the kashi-yatra of the bride-groom just hours before the wedding takes place. The bride-groom dressed in a typical traditional veshti, pretends to go on his quest for Vedic knowledge and seeking spiritual answers to life while the father of the bride goes and enlightens him on the pleasures of a happy life of a man with a family and requests him to marry his daughter. Though typically traditional in nature, this ritual of the Iyer wedding is quite appealing and with modern twists in the tale – It serves as the best moment for capturing pre-wedding moments.

Also never forget that by pre-wedding moments we do not just mean capturing events and rituals towards the way of wedding. Pre-wedding photo shoots can also be arranged months before the actual day capturing happy and lively moments of the couple in various moods, enjoying the various colors of life together in quest of knowing life better till times immemorial.


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