Interesting Invitation cards for a Nadar Wedding

When it comes to weddings in India, we Indians are known for our grand weddings which are in them a kind of festivity. Weddings in India have always been celebrated with great pomp and show and vigor and extravaganza. Whether one looks at the pre-wedding rituals such as the engagement ceremony or the variety of pujas performed ahead of the wedding days or even the sangeet or mangni ceremonies among the North-Indians or the nishchaiyatartham ceremony among the south-Indians – Weddings have always had grand rituals in India.

Even with more and more kind of wedding planners and matrimony planning services coming up the horizon, weddings in India have taken a cosmopolitan twist keeping in core the rich Indian traditions. These days, pre-weddings shoots, live wedding reels, innovative invitation cards are part and parcel of almost every Indian wedding irrespective of the region it is held in.

Even down South, though the weddings remain simple, yet the region too has taken a leap towards tying up of the traditional rituals with cosmopolitan and modern ways. This makes the entire wedding affair a very interesting event and worth memorable.

The Vishwakarmas, the Nairs, the Iyers or the Nadars – Every community has coined its own terms and rituals for holding beautiful weddings. Each of them has gone forward in embracing the most way-forward innovative ideas for holding a wedding – Whether it is an invitation card or a pre-wedding photo shoot.

Nadar weddings are known for their simple yet elaborate customs followed since ages. Though some customs might have evolved with time for the convenience of the modern-time families, yet the richness of the traditional culture remains the same till date. And so have evolved the kind of invitation cards keeping in suite with modern times and reflecting ancient traditional culture.

Since for the Nadars, vibhuthi and flowers are an important of almost every wedding ritual, hence a Nadar wedding invitation card can be turned into a petite little flower-basket decorated with flowers and the wedding details could be inscribed on artificial leaves with vibhuthi (being an integral part of Nadar culture) smeared on to it. This keeps well in sync with tradition as well as stands out as innovative.

Wedding Card
Traditional Wedding Card

Also since plantain leaves are also an important part of Nadar matrimony culture hence, one can carve out a wedding invitation card in the form of a lovely plantain leave with vibhuthi smeared on to it and the wedding details and invitation message on the flip side of the leaf. One can also mark faces of Lord Vishnu or Lord Balaji or Lord Ganesha on the frontal side of the leaf since they are highly worshipped deities among the Nadars.

Another beautiful idea for the wedding invitation is that of little magic lanterns or Chinese lanterns filled with colorful marbles, holy-wheat grains, smeared with vibhuthi and vermillion and with little note-piece seeking blessing for the newly-wed. Isn’t that a wonderful way to keep up in toes with modern wedding invitation ideas as well as echo out tradition?

Since silk plays an important role in a Nadar wedding, so the story can be given a twist by sending out the bride’s wedding invitation in little white silk clothes with golden zari borders – The quintessential wedding saree get-up for the bride and the wedding details can be inscribed in golden threads.


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