Tamil Wedding Invitation – Dos and Don’ts

Wedding is a major and special event in one’s life. We all need blessings of our friends, family and relatives in our wedding functions. There are many pre-wedding and post-wedding functions organized by our family. They are all part of our traditional systems and cultural values. We invite our close ones and guests to accompany us in the best day of our life. People come and shower their blessings and also enjoy with us to become a part of our big day. Well, to invite our expected guests we must follow some protocols regarding invitations. There must be a proper system and process for everything we do in our life. So, let’s take a look on what to do and what not to do.

Things to do:

Simple Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation(PC: mymarriagewebsite.com)
  1. Take much time in organizing the list of guests, finalizing the schedule of wedding functions, preparing the good designs for cards and addressing the guests on cards. It may seem that addressing and distributing cards is an easy task, but believe me it’s not. Many people, who don’t do these things in advance, regret later. Make sure all would be a part of the guest lists and don’t forget to invite even single person who either work with you or lives near you.
  2. Be well organized and maintain a good record of what you have to do. Make sure to use same card patterns for everyone. Never discriminate formal guests with closed ones. Express your love and respect through your invitation. For example: In Tamil matrimonial, guests are sent the written invitation in banana leaf, as a traditional process to show respect and gratefulness.
  3. Discuss with your family, friends and bridal family members for assistance in preparing guests list and estimated guest count. As you will have to prepare a budget for the catering and venue in advance, so knowing the estimation of expected guests count is very important. Also, with help of group discussion, you will not miss anyone from sending invitations.
  4. Address the guests properly and without spelling mistake. What so ever may be the situation, never use printed tags for addressing the guests on a wedding invitations. Always write the name and titles with your hand and be careful regarding spelling mistakes. If you have a doubt or confusion in spelling, you may freely ask. It’s not a bad thing. Also, if you have to invite a joint family, try to mention names of all major members.

What not to do?

  1. Do not forget to mention each and every basic detail in the invitations. If required, use the route chart or insert a small map of directions to make it easy for guests to spot the venue. Be careful to mention accurate timings of every function.
  2. Don’t mention anything related to the legal registry of your marriage or anything like that. It’s really not required.
  3. Don’t overdo in the designing and invitation card formats. Keep it decent and stylish, but don’t make it look like an epic.
  4. Don’t give invitations to each and every single person in the place you work. You can provide a group invitation for inviting formal colleagues.

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