Ten Dos N Don’ts for Online Match Making

In today’s era of high speed internet and smartphones the match making market has also taken a new turn. Now everything is available with a click of the mouse or through the swanky smartphones. Hence, online match making is now the norm for most young adults looking to get married. There are very good matrimonial sites like Shadi.com that are a hit in the online marriage market.

However, online match making has its own flip side. You must be cautious about who you choose to meet and where. Here, are a list of Do’s and don’ts for online match making.


  1. Screen-test – Like in Bollywood there is a screen-test of any actor for a role, you should also screen your date before going to meet the person face-to-face. You should try to find out as much as possible over the phone or through chatting. Watsapp proves to be a big help in these matters.
  2. Venue and Time – Decide on a casual and public place to meet for the first time like a coffee shop. It is not too heavy on the pocket as well as you have a lot of people around in case things get uncomfortable. You should also inform some friend or your parents about your online date. Choose to meet your date for the first time in the day so that there is no sense of worry for both parties as well as parents.
  1. Be Honest – Like you should not misrepresent yourself online, don’t tell small white lies when you meet the person to make yourself sound more fascinating. You don’t need to tell him everything about yourself; you can maintain some mystery if you think the person is worth meeting a second time.
  2. Exchange only cell numbers – It is wise only to exchange cellphone numbers and not residence landline number as it can be used to track your home address.
  3. Use good matrimonial sites – Always go through reputed matrimonial websites like shadi.com as they are reliable and have stringent verification processes.

    Online Dating Tips
    Online Dating Tips(PC: rekonnect.com)


  1. Don’t share details – It is important not to share too many personal details while chatting with the person or when you meet him for the first time. Be smart about letting out information.
  2. Don’t use office computer – You should keep your personal and office life separate so never use an office computer for online match making. Also, remember your company has access to all the information on the computer.
  3. Don’t drink too much – Whenever you meet someone for the first time, that too with the aim of getting married do not overdo the drinking. It might help you shake off the inhibitions but you could get too carried away and vulnerable.
  4. Never ask your date to drop you home – It is important to maintain some distance when you meet someone on the first date. Hence, book a cab on or drive yourself.
  5. Don’t lie on your profile page – While using matrimonial website like shadi.com do not give any false information about yourself as it will give a wrong impression to the other person.

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