Is Arranged Marriage Still the Preferred Choice?

They say – Marriages are made in heaven but arranged on earth. There is much truth in this sentence. In India arranged marriages are still the norm of the day though the method of selecting the bride or the groom has changed. Now matrimonial site is the preferred choice of finding a life partner. There are over a hundred matrimonial websites in India and each one of them has thousands of people registered on them looking for the Miss Perfect or Mr. Perfect. We tell you why arranged marriages are still the preferred choice of the youth.

Keeping with Traditions
In our conventional society arranged marriages were the only form of marriage and love was taken as the weakest basis for marriage. Love marriages were looked down upon and often discouraged and dismissed. However, with time things have changed and an increasing number of youngsters are opting for love marriage but still in a traditional set up like India, arranged marriage is the preferred choice and matrimonial sites have contributed immensely in developing a contemporary hybridized concept of ‘arranged love marriage,’  that is the perfect blend of arranged as well as love marriage.

Marriage – A Family Saga
In India, a marriage is not just between two people it is between two families so it is essential that the family backgrounds of the couple are similar and more importantly their value systems are the same. It not only helps in societal acceptance but also in adjustments after marriage. A Matrimonial site largely helps in finding partners from similar regions and communities through the various filters that they set. You can easily shortlist candidates by simply putting a filter of the caste or community you are interested in seeing or the region you are looking at. It saves time as well as efforts in going through an endless list of profiles.

Arranged Marriage
Arranged Marriage (PC:

Matrimonial Sites – Simplifying the Vagaries of Arranged Marriage
With the virtual marriage bureau coming in vogue geographic distances have ceased to exist. There is no hassle of traveling long distances to meet a prospective groom/bride. Now you can sit in the comforts of your home and easily look out for your perfect mate through the various matrimonial sites. It has also saved the hassle of hiring a mediator or going to a marriage bureau and browse through profiles. The modern arranged marriage market is far more easy and simple to handle thanks to websites like

Since eternity arranged marriages have been the norm of the day. Even now they are the preferred choice because in the fast moving world of today where man has fallen prey to the money making syndrome he neither has the time nor the inclination to seek love. He wants everything by the click of the mouse and that’s the reason matrimonial sites have a flourishing business today. So what’s stopping you, simply log onto your favorite website and start looking!


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