Get a Contemporary Look Even In That Traditional Maharashtrian Bridal Attire

The traditional Maharashtrian bridal attire is a very mellow and colourful saree which incorporates the traditional look. While many tend to stay along the boundaries of the wedding attire rules some would like to dare venture out. This is not a bad idea since you can do a multiple things to spice up that traditional Maharashtrian bridal attire with a touch of contemporary fashion.

Maharashtrian Bridal Attire
Traditional Maharashtrian Bridal Attire (

Try different colours

The traditional colours of a Marathi bride’s saree are yellow, green and gold. While they look amazing n themselves you could try a different approach to them. The entire attire would look wonderful if you incorporated dual colour saree with intricate patterns on them. The Marathi bridal attire makes sarees a must but you can get one which has a bold red and gold design over the yellow and gold base colour. That would look amazing and elegant. The paithani sarees are another type of sarees worn by the Marathi brides and they constitute of mainly green and gold colours along with the block designs adorning the borders of the saree. You can go for a paithani saree which has a different colour tone with yellow and red being a wonderful combination. The colours work well and if you add it up with a simple and elegant border design it would work wonders on your wedding day.

Go for minimalistic jewellery

If you are someone who wishes to go for a modern look then chuck the huge neck pieces which is a tradition for Marathi brides. Instead go for something a bit more elegant. Minimalistic jewellery works well. Go for a simple neck piece and bracelets to Accenture a light saree. The colours can be bright though as there are various subtle shades of saree in yellow and green. Also the tradition of nose ring which is worn can be replaced with a wonderful and broad ear ring. Also themudavalya which is a head tiara worn by the bride can be left out with an intricately adorned hair style with gold clips and hooks.

Choose a different hairstyle

The hair style of the Marathi brides tend to be the simple buns which is famous in most Indian weddings but you can go a bit further and incorporate different style of buns on your hair to push the style further. These include letting your hair drop down from the lower half of your head. It would look amazing coupled with an elegant coloured saree of green or gold. Also instead of the flat shoes which the Marathi brides wear you can go for heels of subtle colours. It may be a bit more uncomfortable but for the reception and the party it can work wonderfully. There are various types of changes you can bring to your attire but making sure that it works is a different thing. Always take you time and see which kind of style suites your appearance as that will help a lot in making sure your wedding day is perfect.


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