How to Make Your Wedding Unique?

It’s not every day that you get married so why not make it special and unique and a tad different. We give you some fantastic ideas to make your wedding a standout celebration.

1. Unique gifts– In every wedding it is customary to give gifts to family and friends but instead of giving the run of the mill gifts think out of the box and give something unique. For close family you could give personalised gifts as you would know their choice and understand their taste. For distant relations and friends you could get a memoir book with photos of the couple and their journey till the marriage.

2. Photo Booth– Have a photo booth at your wedding where the guests can take pictures during the wedding and ask them to write a personal message for the couple. This will be a great remembrance for the bride and the groom. They can make a photo album of it and keep it with them as a fond memory of their special day.

3. Have artist paint the wedding ceremony– It’s great to have pictures and videos at the wedding but wouldn’t it be more unique to have an artist make a painting of your special day. Something you can put up in your home afterwards as a remembrance.

4. Unique Décor Ideas– Make your wedding venue looks special and different so that every guest that comes remembers it for times to come. You could have a photo stand with pictures of the bride and the groom from the time they met till the pre wedding ceremonies and alongside have their love story written. This will not only make your venue special but also let the distant family and friends know about your love story.

Wedding Unique
Wedding Unique (

5. Have a Colour Scheme– You could make your wedding special with colours. You could have an all white theme for your reception with crystal chandeliers for lighting and dainty while hanging curtains, white candles at every table and Firangi Pani flowers to give a sweet scent to the theme. If you want a vibrant wedding go in for bright colours like oranges and browns. You could add a fine blend of these two colours; have colourful table runners, centerpieces and a nice orange hue with warm yellow glow lamps.

6. All about Flowers– Flowers are an integral part of every wedding décor and they can be used in many different ways to add a hint of novelty to your big day. You could have dinner table centerpieces with Birdcages filled with flowers or could just hang them around the venue. To make the wedding look like a fairy tale you could have a bed of flowers as a carpet for the bride and the groom to walk on as they enter the reception hall.

These days there are many matrimonial sites like who offer great wedding planning services. You could get in touch with them for unique ideas. So get set to make your wedding an affair to remember with your signature style in it.


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