Wedding Disasters to Avoid

When it comes to weddings there are a lot of chances for disasters occurring. There are hardly any wedding which goes off without a hitch. These problems can be a real threat to the marriage as the in laws and other guests can get really bothered due to them.

Make a list
Make a list of things you need completed in your wedding. Many people tend to just go with the flow thinking they will remember everything but that is hardly the case. It is better that you make a check list of all the things and events you wish to hold at your wedding. If you want a particular flavor of ice cream list it down no matter how trivial the matter is make sure to put it in the list and then hand it to your wedding planner, this will give the planner and idea of what kind of wedding you would like.

Remember whose day it is. For the bride it is essential that they do not let anyone outshine their day. This can be a major issue in many weddings. You do not have to say yes to everything, maintain a line as that generally makes sure that less hassles are put up. Keep replacement ideas. Things like the band or the cake etc. can be a serious issue since they are only one. You better have a backup with another band that can be booked easily etc. This will ensure that even if the first band is not able to make it to the wedding you can still get the shortlisted second band. Keep this factor in mind as it is one of the primary disasters which occur in a wedding.

Wedding Disasters
Wedding Disasters (

Get a proper headcount
Many people tend to get a rough headcount and not get the exact number from the rsvps. This can be dangerous since it can involve a lot of food being wasted. Make sure that you send the invites months before the weddings and when you close the guest list you make certain to get an exact count of the number of total guests. This will help you to avoid shortage or wastage of food. Always keep a small amount of extra Plates ready though just in case something goes wrong.

Plan your wedding with your wedding planner
Many people tend to hand the reins of their wedding over to their wedding planner and go about their business trusting the planner to do the rest. Never do this, make sure that you are involved in all stages of the wedding plans as that will help you to expect what your wedding will be like. Indian matrimony works in the same way as well.

Set a budget
Remember that your wedding can always be better. Due to this reason you need to remember to set a budget, do not go over that budget as you need to draw the line somewhere. You have to understand that although it is your wedding day and it comes only once a max amount of expenditure should be counted. This is true for Indian matrimony as well.


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