Jewelry Ideas for a Stylish Kerala Bride

Usually, women would love to embellish them for no reason. If it is their wedding, you cannot find them without jewels and other accessories. Women would love to present themselves neat and beautiful. They strongly believe that, jewels could add more style and beauty to their face. This is why they would love to adorn them with jewels. As far as Kerala brides are concerned, they look traditional and homely while comparing to some other state girls. And during Kerala wedding, you could find brides wearing tons of jewels from head to heel.

If you do not have faith in my words, just go to any of the Kerala Matrimony sites and there you can see the wedding pictures of brides. By that, you would come to know that, how many jewels they would wear for the occasion of marriage. Right from Tikka to anklets, they would wear all such ornaments without leaving anything. Even with this much jewels, they will look more stylish. The reason behind their elegance is the jewels what they have used to dress up them. As far as Kerala wedding is concerned, jewels play a significant role. You cannot find even a single Keralite bride without wearing fair number of ornaments.

Stylish Kerala Bride
Stylish Kerala Bride (

The ideas for a stylish Keralite Bride are as follows,

First of all, the brides will concentrate on their hair styles, since, their hair styles should not disturb their make-up and jewelry, so that, they will look good and fair.

Secondly, they should consider wearing Tikka, which is nothing but a chain attached with “u” shaped hook. That should be placed over the head of the bride. That is, the Tikka should cover the middle of the head to forehead. Also, mind that, your Tikka should not cover you entire forehead, since, your bindi will not be visible in such cases.

Then, a bride should wear the necklace, chain and harram on her neck. These things will make the bride look astonishing and dashing.  If you want to look beautiful and impressive, wearing these jewels are mandatory.

Then, a bride should wear the skirt pin which surrounds their waist and tightens your saree to the comfortable point. If you feel that, your want to something to get hold of the above jewels, you should definitely wear this skirt pin.

Coming to hands, you should embellish your hands with bangles, regardless of, either be it a kada bangle or kundan bangle or antique bangle or something else like that. But as a Kerala bride, you should wear more number of bangles without fail.

Last but not least, Kerala Matrimony says that, Kerala bride should wear anklets for sure. These days, you could find anklets in more adorable designs and ranges. Also, anklets are addressable with tons of colored stones. And you might choose something that match your style and demands. Anklets can help you to add more beauty to foot and make it attractive. You could feel special wearing the anklets.


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