Offbeat Colors a Marathi Bride Can Try

Bride is the most beautiful female on the day when she gets married. Whether the bride is a Guajarati or a Marathi, what really matters is the charm that she wears on her face. Maharashtrian are simple and thus they prefer elegant and simple weddings. But that does not reduce the charm of the looks and the dress that the bride would wear. In fact, the brides love doing solah shringar. Well, the mesmerizing looks and the special wedding dress that marathi brides wear are just so amazing.

The charm and rituals of Maharashtrian weddings

Maharashtra weddings are really quite interesting as far as the rituals are concerned. The family gets together to celebrate the marriage of the beloved. The priest decides the wedding date but just before the wedding day, there is sakarpuda. In this rings are exchanged and there is sakarpuda which is a resemblance of beautiful and sweet life ahead. Indian weddings are really as nice as they have rituals but all the rituals have some or the other meaning.

Marathi Bride
Marathi Bride (PC:

The bride should look her best on the wedding day

Now comes the wedding day and Maharashtrian bride has to look her best. They have a unique way of draping the saree. The saree is to be pulled out between two legs. This is the special way the saree can be draped. Now, most of the brides try green color. But if you want to look unique and different then here are some of the options.

Off beat colors marathi bride can try for her wedding dress

Well, green is color of purity and as new life is going to begun most of the brides wear green. But yes, there are many options that can be tried:

•  A combination of green and dark red would just look so charming. Of course, the saree should have a big fat golden border a typical marathi style!
•  Purple and green combination would also look rocking
•  A green saree with lot of golden heavy work can also be tried.
•  Blue pink and gold are the three off beat colors that a marathi bride should try as they look quite unique and different.
•  Nathni and jewelry really look awesome on the bride. Thus the color of the saree should complement the kind of jewelry that has to be worn.
•  Orange and golden border saree would also look rocking

Thus, there are many options. What you can do is while shopping for the saree you should first take a trial. If you want you can take help of the fashion designer too. You can take the designer along with you and then mutually you can decide the color. These days the bride and groom, both choose the colors of the wedding dress in such a way that they look complementing to one another. In such situations it is vital to go and shop together. Rather than giving surprise there should be shopping done together with each other’s opinion.


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