5 Things you Can Expect Only at a Bengali Wedding

Bengali weddings are full of rituals, food and fun. So, if you have never attended one just try making a friend who is Bengali and attend the functions if possible. There are many rituals which are not common with the other castes wedding. These are some of the things that you will only find in Bengali wedding and no where else. On the wedding day the Bengali brides look awesome and so does the groom. This is their day and they just have to be their best.

Bengali Brides
Bengali Brides (PC: peachesandblush.com)

Here are five things that you can only expect at a Bengali wedding

1. Mangal Ghat: Mangal Ghat is something you will find in Bengali weddings. Here you will see that the groom’s place has rangoli along with mangal ghat at the four corners. It would have the clay vessels on which the leaf and coconut is to be placed. Now this is something that would help to remove all the negative energy from the home. At the entrance of the bride’s home you will find the copper mangal ghat.
2. Ai Buro Bhat: This is like a fest. Just before the wedding day, you will see that in the evening the bride and the groom would be fed with the feasts like rice, dal, papad, paturi and vegetable and mutton curry etc. The next day it would be a fast. Thus this is like a lavish dinner which is offered to the bride as well as the groom by the respective parents. The food also includes fish and sweets.
3. Gaye halud: This ceremony is just like the haldi ceremony. In this the bride has to sit on a pink plank and then the turmeric paste which is used for the groom has to be sent to the bride and then this paste is applied on the bride. In this ceremony the bride has to wear different bangles made of shells and corals.
4. Bor Asha: This is completely different ceremony. In this the groom arrives at the specific time. but instead of baratt, the groom has to go and sit in a chamber where the guests would come and greet and meet him.
5. Hulhuli and shankh: On any holy and good occasions, the Bengalis have the practice of doing hulhuli. This is mostly done at the start or end of any ceremony. There seems to be competition between the females as to who does the best. Some people believe that the main aim of hulhuli is that all the evils and the spirits would be ward off. After hulhuli there is shankh vaad. This is to invite God.

These are something you won’t regularly see in other weddings. This is totally different but quite interesting. These rituals make Bengali ceremonies quite different. People love attending these occasions as they are full of guests and fests. So, if you have not attended any Bengali wedding till date then do it now. Bengali bride looks awesome in the authentic dress. Even groom wears an authentic dress.


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