Importance of Haldi in an Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are truly exciting. There are so many ceremonies before and after the wedding too. One of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies is Haldi. Some customs also call it as ubtan and some call it as tel-baan. There are different names but all mean the same. Haldi should be applied on the bride and the groom a day or two before the wedding.

The significance of haldi in Indian weddings

  • In Indian matrimony haldi plays a vital role. It is made out of turmeric powder, rosewater and sandalwood. This paste has to be applied on face, hands and legs. In one way you can call this ritual as the beautification process. After application of haldi and after washing it you will see the texture of the skin would become much better. Also the complexion would bloom. Today, we have beauty parlors and the cosmetics. When our grannies got married they did not have so many amazing products. Thus for them haldi application would surely be a beautification process.
  • Apart from giving natural glow to the skin haldi also works as antiseptic and heals cuts and wounds.
  • Haldi is also considered as an exfoliating agent. Thus after it is rinsed off there would be freedom from dead cells. The skin would get rejuvenation and thus skin would look more beautiful and glowing.
  • The color yellow also signifies that there should be light in the lives of the couple after they get married.
  • Yellow color also signifies prosperity.
  • This is the time when the bride has a good time with her family and the groom also has similar thing with his family. Some portion of the haldi, the bride and groom can apply to their friends and cousins.
Haldi in Indian Weddings
Haldi in Indian Weddings (PC:

Haldi is also considered as a stress buster

Just like mehendi even haldi has power to beat stress. Curcumin is an ingredient that is found in turmeric which is considered as an antidepressant. Thus, just before the wedding application of haldi on bride and the groom would give freedom from the stress and tension as related to wedding.

Significance even in modern times

Times changed and many modern things came up. So many rituals we said were not used but haldi is something that has not lost its significance. This is an age old ritual. But even today it has gained an important place in Indian matrimony. The best combination of beautification, stress buster and antiseptic, turmeric or haldi is truly something that every wedding should have. Haldi is a ceremony where both the bride and the groom enjoy at their respective places. In some customs the haldi that is used for groom is to be sent to the bride as well and it has to be applied on her as well. This would show as to how the color of the groom would come on bride and together both of them would lead a wonderful life.

Some things never change and they should truly not change.


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