Some Ideas from the Harbhajan and Geeta Basra Wedding

Harbhajan is a talented and famous spinner of Indian Cricket team and of course, Geeta Basra is a famous and gorgeous actress of Bollywood. Both of the personalities had fallen in love some years before and very recently the cricketer tied knot to the actress. After a huge gap, they both has involved in a relationship. Right from Sangeet to Mehendi, the Harbhajan and Geeta Basra wedding were rocking the total Bollywood industry. I know, you people are eager to know the wedding arrangements of the celebrity couple – right?

If you refer Hindi Matrimony, you would get some ideas and news about the celebrity couple’s wedding. But do not worry, without wasting your time, now I am going to explain wedding arrangements of Harbhajan and Geeta Basra wedding. Just read on and decide whether or not to include the same things in your wedding as well.

Harbhajan and Geeta Basra Wedding Photo
Harbhajan and Geeta Basra Wedding Photo (PC:
  • Wedding Outfits – The celebrity couple’s wedding outfits were looked stunning and out of the ordinary as they have opted a lavish and grand outfit for each and every custom and event. Right from Sangeet to Mehendi, the bride Geeta Basra was addressed with astounding colors of lehenga choli designed by Archana Kocchar. The groom Harbhajan was also spotted with various ranges of outfits that are designed by Raghavendra Rathore for his wedding customs and rituals. Likewise, you people should decide unique and rare outfits for your wedding to make your wedding a classy one.
  • Wedding Jewels – In few Hindi Matrimony sites, you could find the wedding pictures of Geeta Basra. If you get to visit those pictures, you could find that, the bride Geeta Basra was opted for grand and traditional jewels just to add more beauty to her face and appearance. Of course, as far as brides are concerned, jewels are something needed for them to enhance their beauty. So, brides should opt for the mind-blowing and staggering wedding jewels without fail.
  • Security Guards – As because of the reason that, most Bollywood and Cricket personalities were invited for the wedding, Harbhajan was decided to go with the security services as he does not want to compromise an inch with respect to the safety and security of his celebrity guests. If so, your wedding will include some important guests and celebrities, you could also hire the security guard services as like Harbhajan did.
  • Wedding Card – Both the groom Harbhajan and bride Geeta Basra have decided to go with the fantastic and ever seen wedding card. So, they have decided that their wedding card should be of clapboard shape and should include the details of wedding, cocktail party and more. So, the wedding card was stunningly designed with bright red colored outer card and that includes the name of guests printed on the card. The card also does include the letter H and G. As like the celebrity couple, you could also decide your wedding card in a pleasing at the same time peculiar manner to just attract all your guests simply by your wedding invitation.

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