Post Wedding Wardrobe for a Telugu Bride

Wedding ceremony is filled with joy and fests. There are guests, food, rituals and what not. Everyone enjoys the wedding fests right from kids to adults. There are some of the traditions that should be followed in any wedding. For example Telugu wedding is also quite exciting and there are too many rituals in that too. Telugu groom and Telugu bride has to sit on the floor opposite each other. But there is a curtain between the two. This is also quite exciting.

The bride has to buy many clothes and this would not limit mostly to the wedding dress. There are pre wedding and post wedding rituals too and thus she should be ready with the post wedding wardrobe as well. Thus she has to buy many dresses well in advance.

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Post wedding rituals

Soon after the wedding ceremony there is griha pravesh. But sixteen days after the wedding there is a system called as uniting the mangalsutras. Two mangalsutras are united and in this function many guests are invited. This ritual can be done by groom or someone who is elder in the house. This ritual says that there should be harmony in the life of the couple. In this ceremony also the bride has to wear a Saree but she can wear a light work but attractive colored Saree. She can choose pink or blue as any of the colors would look highly attractive on her. She can choose the colors based on her skin tone and complexion too.

Now, coming back to the mangalsutra uniting ritual, soon after the ritual is over the bride has to take bath and wear a new sari. Thus see a new sari again. Green would look awesome as it is the color which is a super hit for any ritual.

In any wedding the bride and the groom has to look best. Thanks to the modern make up items, beautiful saris and jewelry that any bride can look great. Choosing the colors is not a big challenge. What to wear on which day would be a challenge. This is because most of the times the bride would get confused as to what rituals are there and how they have to be executed. It would be better for the bride to talk to the elders and know about the rituals and also she can ask them if certain colors can be worn at any of the ritual. Mostly all the colors are allowed. Just black should be avoided.

Buy things in advance

Since there is a lot to do in a marriage it would be vital to purchase things in advance. You should start getting the saris purchased a few months in advance as the blouse stitching would also take some time. Choose the tailor who is tested rather than jumping on the new person. It is important that you also take help of your friends and fellows as things are going to be great if two people try things than one. Overall Telugu brides can look amazing with the right dress.


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