Shopping for Nair Weddings

Indians have the image that they conduct a fat and lavish wedding. But we often discard the simple south Indian weddings. Nair or Malayalee weddings are quite simple. They are not extravaganza. But they are full of customs and traditions. You would be delighted to know that each and every ritual has some meaning. Even though Nair matrimony is not a lavish affair it is quite interesting in the way it has some amazing rituals and customs.

Shopping involved in Nair weddings

When it comes to Nair weddings there are many things to be kept in mind. Since the main pre-wedding ritual is engagement ceremony, the bride and the groom should shop for the lovely attire. In the wedding there would be traditional outfits. Thus in engagement, both the bride and the groom can take liberty of wearing something different. Several years ago the bride and groom used to wear traditional attires at the engagement. But now times have changed and even Nairs are trying to get adapted to the new things.

Shopping for the bride

We often say that in every wedding, the bride has to buy more number of items including jewelry, dresses, authentic dresses and footwear. Apart from that the bride’s family has to gift certain things to the groom, the groom’s family and the friends and relatives of the bride. It is therefore important that as soon as the wedding dates come up shopping should start immediately. If things are kept on the last moment then things would become a bit mess. The bride should wear white and golden sari on the wedding day and thus she should get prepared with this as soon as the wedding dates are finalized.

Shopping for groom

Even the groom’s family has to start shopping quickly as soon as the wedding dates are finalized. The bride would be given a few gifts and this would come from the groom’s side. Thus the groom’s family has to shop for various items like sari, jewelry and accessories for the bride. Also, the groom should plan all the dresses and wardrobes for all the functions. Like, he has to wear something good on mahuratum and also on the engagement and on blessing day. Again, on the wedding day something authentic should come.

Shopping for engagement rings

Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings (PC:

The family of bride and the groom should also begin the search for engagement rings on time. This is because on the day of engagement there would be exchange of rings. The trend these days is rings of white gold or platinum. The yellow gold rings seem to be out dates.

There are many things to be shopped for. Thus it would be better to make a list and then mark them up as and when the shopping for that is completed. Sangeet and all are not compulsory. You will see that Nair matrimony is simple and brief. Thus most of them do not prefer sangeet and such extra ceremonies. Shopping is an integral part of the Nair weddings. You will find a number of things as far as shopping for wedding are concerned.


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