Shopping for Kamma Weddings

It is important that we know what kind of shopping is required for which kind of wedding. In Kamma matrimony there is relevance for shopping too. The bride and the groom would need a lot of things as there would be a few rituals to be performed at the wedding ceremony and a few even before that. A few years back, there would only be a few ceremonies and the wedding over all would be quite brief. But now, even Kammas have started with the mehendi ceremony and the sangeet. Thus there would be more dresses and wardrobe to be required and thus there would be more preparations for shopping.

Here are the things Kammas have to shop for wedding

  1. Jewelry: It has been a trend to buy a lot of jewelry in Kamma community. The bride’s parents give the bride as gifts lot of jewelry including gold, silver and diamond. However, people have become flexible today and these things are done based on the financial status and arrangement.
  2. Dresses for various ceremonies: Both the bride and the groom should be ready with their respective dresses based on the number of ceremonies to be held. Like for wedding, the bride would need a traditional sari and the groom would need a dhoti. Similarly for Nalugu and blessing ceremony too they both would need some good dresses. If there are some extra functions like sangeet or something then there would be more dresses, accessories and jewelry to be bought. The bride should buy a sari that has white color in it and a red border. This is the authentic sari to be worn.
  3. Gifts for the guests: Both the parties should buy gifts for the guests. This is because the guests would participate actively in the wedding and thus they should be gifted something good so that they feel good.
  4. Gifts for bride and the groom: The groom’s side has to buy gifts for the bride. If needed, they can tell the bride to accompany them so that whatever they want to buy comes with the choice of the bride. Similarly, the bride’s side has to buy some gifts for the groom too.
Wedding Shopping
Wedding Shopping (PC:

The above things are something you would find commonly among the other south Indian weddings too. But in Kamma matrimony there are a few rituals’ which are quite unique. Thus the bride and the groom family should contact the priest and ask everything to him. The priest would also guide as to how they should shop for some things that would be required at the wedding. For example, in one of the rituals the bride and the groom would have to wear cotton clothing and in this ritual jaggery is also to be used. If you think that shopping for such small things would be tough then you can tell the priest to get ready with these things as required in puja and rituals. This will help you save your time and energy. You can handover certain things and so that you can stay relaxed at the wedding. The groom should also buy mangal sutra for the bride.


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