Foods to Look Forward At Maratha Weddings

If you have never ever attended a Maratha wedding then you will really not understand the charm that it holds. Marathi people are quite simple. But they have a lot to give. The food that they serve at the weddings is awesome. In Maratha matrimony you will come across their traditional cuisines that they serve at the wedding. The wedding food would be made out of healthy and rich ingredients like cream, milk, salt, butter and vegetables too. Of course, they use the best of spices in the best way.

Foods that you will find at these weddings

As starters, you will find things like batata wada and onion bhaji. This is the local food of Maharashtra and you would just relish and enjoy this meal at the maratha wedding too. There would be starters like kothimbir wadi too. Also, they would serve the beverages like piyush.

In the main course, you will find things like wangi, poori, moong dal, toor dal and jeera rice. Also, as per the menu and budget, there would be many other things. Of course, there would also be desserts like shrikhand, pooran poli and jalebi.

The above menu is just a sample menu. There might be a few items more or less. Most of the Maratha also eat meat. But sometimes weddings are arranged at the temple’s premises; they avoid keeping meat and such other things. In Maratha matrimony, food really plays a key role and you should know that. These days’ even Marathas are quite flexible and the add fusion foods in their menu. But more or less, they would not forget the things that are mentioned above. The deserts might include gajar halwa and shrikhand too.

Maratha Wedding Dishes
Maratha Wedding Dishes (PC:

The ceremonies serve amazing foods

If you have not tried the foods at Maratha weddings then you should do that as soon as you get an invitation for some such wedding. Weddings are really timed to relish good food. Never feel guilty. In order to get the taste of the multi-cultural Indian food just get ready to try these amazing stuff. There was a time when at weddings, the cook would make all the food. But now since more people are invited at the weddings, the entire charge is given to the catering services. There are special Maratha catering services that are specialists in Maratha foods. If you have a wedding in your home then you can appoint such a catering service.

The food at any wedding is the indication of their rich culture. This is the benefit of attending such unique weddings. Every caste has something to portray and display as far as the cultural enrichment is concerned. In Maratha weddings, you will find the guests mingling with each other. The aunts of the bride and the groom making fun of them are something to see. Finally, what really matters is that how everyone is enjoying at the wedding venue. In most of the cases, you will see that they perform the wedding rituals in a hall or in the temple. However, a few of them have also opted for destination weddings.


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