Important Things to Consider At Gujarati Weddings

Every wedding is distinct in its own way. But as far as Gujarati weddings are concerned, they are really fun to attend. This is because there would be lavishness even in the simple weddings. Thanks to the kind of food that is served to the guests and the kind of music and decoration that you can see around. In Gujarati matrimony, there are so many important things to consider. Just move through.

Important things to consider

There are some amazing ceremonies that you will find in Gujarati weddings. You will see that there is samurta in which the elder women of the family would sing songs for the bride and the groom. Then there is Haldi ceremony and mandap mahurat too. Sangeet ceremony is also too good. Also, weddings are amazing. Some people opt for the wedding reception and some do not. The bride’s parents would gift the bride with many things like saris, dresses, accessories and jewelry. However, Gujarati community is quite flexible and there is no rule as to how much to give. These gifts are given as per the financial condition of the bride family.

Sangeet Ceremony
Gujarati Wedding Sangeet Ceremony (PC:

In Gujarati weddings, there would be promises that the bride and the groom would always stay together. This is considered as the divine and holy affair. However, in the Gujarati tradition, the female holds a prominent role when it comes to taking the responsibility of the household.

Gujarati have colorful culture and these things you will find in their weddings too. The culture is rich and has so many facets. You can really find such amazing things at the weddings. There is baraat where the groom’s friends and family would dance. Ideally, the groom can come on a horse, but these days this ritual is replaced by the car.

Gujarati also give equal importance to Lord Ganesha. They perform a griha shanti puja and this helps in getting rid of all the evils. There is one more amazing ritual where the mother of the bride tries to notoriously hold the nose of the groom. The groom has to save himself. Even the groom’s friends would help him in that.

The rich Gujarati culture

In Gujarati matrimony, you will find a number of rituals. All of them are quite interesting. If you get a chance to attend a Gujarati wedding then you should opt for the same as it is something quite exciting. The relationship between the Gujarati husband and the wife should be of trust, love and commitment. These things you will find in the wedding rituals too. The customs are rich too and you will find so many things that would be enlightening.

The wedding is the time when guests enjoy and the hosts have to stay prepared with all the preparations and arrangements. In some Gujarati families, the horoscopes are checked before the wedding is fixed. However, they are flexible in nature. Thus in some of the families, they say that they do not believe in horoscopes. But horoscopes might be needed by the priest in order to finalize the wedding date.


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