Foods to Look Forward At Bhumihar Weddings

Every wedding is unique in its own way. Every caste celebrates the family wedding in an awesome way. As far as bhumihar matrimony is concerned, you will find a lot of rituals. The wedding is really interesting as there are so many meaningful rituals. The wedding is the time when two families, two lives and two souls unite, all this happens with the spiritual minds. In Bhumihar you will see that wedding rituals are really important. Similarly, the death rites are also equally important. Indian weddings are popular for the foods that are served. As far as Bhumihar caste is concerned, these are the foods you must look out for.

Foods to look out for

Most of Bhumihar live in Northern part of India. Thus, they have mostly adopted the eating styles of Northern India. But yes, they are vegetarians. In these weddings you will find amazing things. Foods really make the wedding perfect.

You will find some amazing starters like sweets and fried foods. There would also be main course food. This would include poori, curry, dal, rice and sweets. There would be lot of milk and milk products seen in the wedding. Bhumihars are fond of food. But they eat only the food after the wedding ceremony is completed.

In every Indian wedding you will find amazing good food. The same holds true for bhumihar matrimony too. There are many traditions that you will come across. But along with all, the food as available at the wedding is really awesome.

Brahmin Wedding Dishes
Brahmin Wedding Dishes (PC:

The ceremonies and food

The guests who attend the wedding have to take the foods as served at the wedding. You will find that there are many other pre-wedding ceremonies too like haldi, mehendi and so on. In these ceremonies also some light foods would be served to the guests as well as the family members. There was a time when the females of the family would cook foods at the wedding. But now times have changed and since wedding is a grand affair, it is for sure that these days the food is prepared by the catering services.

When you have to search for a good catering service, make sure that you find a good service that would even have a good record. It is really vital that you find a good catering service. This is because what you serve to the guest is important. There is something like Kashi yatra which is also quite common in many other castes, you will see here too. The groom takes a walking stick and umbrella. Also, he would wear a shirt and dhoti and would show that he is heading somewhere. He says that he is going to Kashi for Yatra. The bride’s father would then stop him and tell him to marry his daughter. This is an interesting pre-wedding ritual. This happens just before the wedding. These are the rituals of the wedding and thus, they are really quite important too. The wedding is made special due to food and due to the rituals it has.


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