Foods to Look Forward At Maheshwari Weddings

Weddings are really the time when you enjoy everything that would be associated with the wedding. When it comes to Marwari or Maheshwari weddings, it is for sure that the food that would be served at the wedding would be more than great. But have you missed out such a wedding? Well, in this article we will tell you as to what would be the best foods to look forward at maheshwari matrimony.

Foods to look forward at Maheshwari weddings

Food is something we all love. But food as available at the weddings would be extra special. There would be things like sweets, farsan, curries, dal, rice, roti or poori and so on. In maheshwari weddings you will really love the kind of food that would be served. You will get an idea about their rich culture too. There would be laddoos, dal baati, ghewar, ghanghor and so on. These wedding rituals are not an affair of a day or two. In earlier times these rituals would last for 21 days. Now since people have become busy, they try to wrap up things within a week.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are still many things that you will find at maheshwari weddings and these include missi roti, khasta roti, khasta kachori, malpue, chana dal kachori and so on. There are endless items. The items are really loaded with ghee and oil. Thus, these would be high calorie ride. But it is fun.

Maheshwari Wedding Dishes
Maheshwari Wedding Dishes (PC:

The servings in Indian weddings

The reason why Indian weddings are a hit in all over the world is mainly because of the kind of food that would be served. Food is something that everyone would love. When it comes to maheshwari matrimony it is for sure that this is really a grand affair. The food that would be served would be loved by all. In these weddings you will see even the farthest relatives would come and attend.

Weddings are really fun. The way, these days the weddings are carried out would even be more fun. This is because you will see that marwaris are now quite forward and they even allow an inter caste wedding or a wedding with the amazing destination. You will find some amazing places that would have these weddings.

India is a place of different cultures. Weddings celebrate these cultures. Maheshwaris are really quite beautiful people and since they are businessmen and are quite economically strong, they arrange the weddings on a very grand scale. How can you miss that gate ki sabzi, dana sabzi, besan laddoo and motichur ke laddoo.

In the times when weddings are often taken up in hustle and bustle, you will see that maheshwari weddings are really quite amazing and they give you a perfect picture of how to celebrate a wedding in a true style. There are so many rituals which you would love to see. One of those is mama phere. There are also other ceremonies which would be fun too. You should attend a maheshwari wedding, when you get a chance.


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