Shopping for Sikh Weddings

If you are a Sikh then you would have an idea about the things as required in Sikh weddings. The rituals in these weddings are really nice and interesting. If you have seen any of such weddings, you would know how the guests and the hosts enjoy the wedding. Everything looks lavish at Sikh weddings. This is the charm!

If you have never attended one or if you wish to know what are the things that would be required to shop then here are the details that would help you what to shop for as required for Sikh matrimony.

Wedding Shopping
Wedding Shopping (PC:

Shopping as required for Sikh weddings

  1. The attire of bride: In Sikhs you will see that the occasions that are celebrated would be quite lavish. You will really love the way they do this. But the bride would need many clothes including the wedding day lehenga. She should, therefore, start all her shopping in advance. This will help her to stay ready at the last moment. Most of the Sikh brides even prefer the salvaar kameez. This also looks great on them. Yes, they prefer red color as red is the color of prosperity and wealth. Of course, she also needs a dupatta. Thus, she should buy a good dupatta so as to cover her head.
  2. Jewelry for Sikh bride: A Sikh bride should wear Rani haar as it would really look authentic and awesome. If she does not want to buy thus, then she can borrow the same from her granny or mother. This is a heavy long gold necklace. She can wear as much jewelry as she wants. This will really help her to look awesome. But what’s really important is, she should wear chooda that was given to her at the pre-wedding ceremony. This she has to wear at the wedding. The chooda would be red in color.
  3. The attire of the groom: There are many choices for the modern groom. He can wear a sherwani or western suit as per the personality and the occasion. If he is wearing something traditional for the wedding then in the reception he can even select a tuxedo. He has to wear a nice turban. Covering the head during the wedding is important as it means that you are giving respect to God. He can wear a sehera at the wedding if he wants. But what he should hold is a krijpan. By holding a krijpan, which is a weapon, it means that the groom would now save his family and protect them from any evils or danger.
  4. Gifts for the guests: Apart from all the above things, the families of the bride and the groom should also shop for the gifts that would be given to the guests. This will make the guests happy.

Thus, when it comes to rituals and traditions, you will find a lot in Sikh matrimony. But they are quite interesting. While doing shopping, make sure that you do it meaningfully rather than buying things only for the sake of buying.


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