Important Things to Consider At Vishwakarma Weddings

As we know that weddings are the times to eat, be happy and celebrate. You just can’t say no if someone forces to have more food or something like that. In fact, it is said that weddings are meant to enjoy all the amazing food stuffs that are being served at the venue. Talking of Vishwakarma matrimony you will just be so happy to find out that these castes, even though hold simple weddings, concentrate on giving guests ultimate pleasure and satiety via the foods that would be served. Vishwakarmas mainly belong to black smith and gold smith profession and are found almost in all the parts of India. They follow Hindu religion and thus their weddings have the Hindu rituals like kanyadan, saptapadi and mangal sutra. Here are some of the important things to consider as far as Vishwakarma weddings are concerned.

Vishwakarma Wedding
Vishwakarma Wedding (PC:

Things you must know

  1. These weddings serve best and authentic food: You would be happy to know that Vishwakarma weddings serve amazing food. If you have ever attended wedding of Vishwakarma Brahmin in Andhra then you will find things like sambhar, idli, rasam, raita, biriyani and so on. All these items are served in unique way. The liquids and beverages come in authentic vessels and the food is served on banana leaf. Thus, if you really want to enjoy such amazing aromatic delicacies then you should plan to attend a Vishwakarma wedding when you get an invitation for the same.
  2. These weddings have garlands exchange and mangalsutra as the main rituals: Even though most of the Vishwakarmas are based in Southern part of India, most of them follow the Hindu rituals. Thus there is exchange of garlands and also tying mangalsutra. You will also find saptapadi as an important ritual.
  3. Soon after wedding is over, blessings of elders should be sought: As soon as the wedding rituals are over the bride and the groom ahs to come together and first take blessings of groom’s parents. After that they should take blessings of bride’s parents. After that the other elders of the family should bless the bride and the groom.
  4. Some rituals vary state to state: Vishwakarmas are quite flexible. They have embraced the traditions of the state where they live in. thus, you will find difference in a few rituals as they are fine with the kind of rituals that are there in their own state, where they live.
  5. They also prefer destination weddings: These days’ since times have changed; even Vishwakarma matrimony has accepted a few changes. There was a time when this caste did not budget for wedding outside the place where they stay. Now they don’t mind even conducting the destination wedding.

The above details will help you to understand the rich culture of this caste and how they want to carry out the wedding ceremony. It is really quite enriching experience to know how things happen in other castes and how the weddings are taken forward. This will help in enhancing the knowledge.


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