Vedic Rites Followed In Community Weddings

In Vedas wedding is considered as a sacred event. In this, there is union of two lives, two minds and of course two families. The wedding is celebrated in an amazing way. There are many rituals that would be part of Community Matrimony. If the boy and the girl get married in the same community then things would be quite easy as the rites and the rituals would be almost similar in both the families and so it would be quite easy to find out how things would work.

Vedic rites in community weddings

In the weddings, there would be the bride and the groom who have to come at the mandap. There would be a pandit who would chant mantras. The mantras would mean that the deities and Gods should come and bless the couple. After varmala, there would be saptapadi and kanyadaan. These are the vedic rites mostly followed among all Indian communities. The wedding is not just a celebration, but it the day when the couple would take an oath and vows to stay together in life. All the mantras are chanted in front of Fire as Fire is considered as sacred. Some weddings have four pheras and some have seven.

After the wedding is completed, the blessing ceremony would start. The bride’s family and the groom’s family would bless the couple for a good life.

Community Weddings
Community Weddings (PC:

The modern society follows all rites and rituals

The modern society is open to many new things and even to Community Matrimony. They do celebrate the rituals with lavishness but the rites and rituals are followed. There was a time when people did not understand the meaning of the rituals. But today, people have become quite aware of things. They want to know the meaning of mantras and the rituals they come up. Thus, the pandit would also be glad to tell the couple the meaning of the mantras.

The weddings mean a lot even today. They are celebrated with lot of importance to foods too. You will see that people do come to weddings and enjoy the foods. This is like a big party. There are many couples who prefer love marriages. Some prefer arranged. The parents have also become quite open to new things and thus they do allow their children if they don’t want Community Matrimony.

Indian weddings have a bit of flexibility and adaptability. There are many castes that celebrate weddings in their own style and ways. But over all the system is same. However, as per the caste, there would be changes in the styles and some rituals. There are rituals and all of them are quite meaningful. The arati and varmala tells that the groom has to be treated like a king. The ritual of kahsi yatra is also very common among many communities in which the groom is requested to marry the bride. Seven pheras talk about the seven vows of marriage. Blessings of elders do help the couple to flourish in future with success and happiness.


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