Things to Note While Searching For a Groom Online

Today is the era of gizmos and gadgets where everything happens with a click of the finger. From buying groceries online to finding a partner- it is all possible with ease. However, while looking for a groom online you must tread very carefully. We tell you all you want to know about your online groom hunt.

Find mates who are registered with reputed websites

The online shadi market has emerged as an easy solution to the quest of getting married. There are a lot of websites with thousands of prospective life partners waiting to be met. However, you need to be cautious of the profiles you choose as there are many with fake profiles. They are only on these websites to have a fling. Hence, always go in for reputed and well known websites. Check for reviews from users of the website to know its authenticity. Also, go in for only those profiles that have lot information about the person to understand him better.

Matrimony Sites
Matrimony Sites (PC:

Go in for profiles with Photos

You should try to look at only those profiles that have pictures of the person as it is important to see how the person looks before taking matters forward. Ensure that the picture is clear and also in full length so you know your ‘would be’ husband’s vital statistics.

Check family background

Always, look for a write up on the person’s family background because it is the family values that make a man. Only if you think his family background is similar to yours should you go ahead. It need not be that the person is from the same community but he should not be completely off the mark.

Identify common interests

Check out his interests and hobbies. Try to match atleast 60% of your hobbies with his so that you have common grounds to talk about.

Check intellect compatibility

If you are a laid back person while your husband is an over achiever you could have issues in your married life. So it is important to check your intellect compatibility before going ahead with meeting the person.

Financial Compatibility

It is important to know about his work background and his income because you do not want to marry a person who is financially less capable than you as it could lead to problems in the marriage. Also, financial compatibility helps in having a similar standard of living.

Cross Checking with Social Media Sites

If you have found an interesting person online it is pertinent that you cross check his details through different social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or any other knowledgeable sources like LinkedIn. In today’s world of con-men there might be some people just looking for an easy prey.

Finding the perfect groom online is a tricky affair but with these tips you should know in which direction to go. So happy hunting!


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