Adding a Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Ezhava Wedding

If you have gone through the kind of weddings South Indian people have then you will find that these weddings are quite simple. But at the same time they do have too many rituals. If you have seen traditional Ezhava wedding then you will see that there would be some amount of boredom. But if there would be some charm and an altogether different look to the wedding then there would be fun too. In Ezhava matrimony there is good amount of importance given to the rituals. The elders also take part in such rituals and they bless the couple at different rituals and ceremonies.

If you wish to make some different thing in the wedding

Ezhava wedding would really be fun. But if you can add a different look or something contemporary then the traditional wedding would be turned into an altogether different thing. This will really help in making the guests happy. People who are quite open to the new things would really love such ideas. These days, the weddings are quite different and people have come up with contemporary ideas too. These would include some changes in the dresses, the way of celebrations and food too.

Ezhava Wedding
Ezhava Wedding (PC:

Here are some of the ideas that you can implement:

  • If you wish to add some contemporariness to Ezhava weddings then you will see that these weddings would really become more interesting. Some people opt for fusion foods and this has become the latest trend.
  • In Ezhava matrimony you can even think of the other options like changing the dresses in the ceremony. Like, after the main traditional rituals are over, there can be addition of some music and celebration. This can really enhance the kind of options that you want to make.
  • These weddings are really fun by all means and if you try involving the elders too in the dance and music then even they would love to be part of all these things.
  • You can check out online videos about the weddings these days. If you wish you can even opt for wedding planner. He would be the best person to guide you as to what novel things you can add in your routine wedding.
  • If you are opting for destination wedding then you can surely include lots of changes in the same. This would mean that you can add lots of contemporary decoration to the interior. You can even make your group of people wear something that is contemporary. These things will help in making the wedding different than a normal one.

It is true that to tell the elders about such a wedding, there would be some apprehension. But they have also been quite forward these days and so it would be easy for you to convince them. Have some potent ideas about the contemporary wedding and add that in the routine. Make your wedding a memorable one and see how you can bring a change.


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