Adding a Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Tamil Wedding

Just because you are going in for a traditional Tamil matrimony does not mean that you cannot jazz up your wedding. You can do a million things to make your wedding like no other- be it giving a face lift to your wedding venue or add some fun to the rituals. We help you make your otherwise somber wedding a fun filled fiesta!

Redo the Decor – The decor of any wedding venue can make a world of difference to the mood of the guests and the wedding. To add a more contemporary look to a traditional wedding set up you can use flowers in a subtle way. Instead of going for the conventional marigold flowers you could use some exotic flowers. They can be put as center pieces at each dining table.

Bring the outdoors inside with small trees to break up the eating tables. Doll them up with lights and decorations. You could also jazz up the bride and the bride groom chair with some funky flower patterns.

Also, instead of having a traditional backdrop of flowers, have a modern one with pictures of the couple from the day they met to just before the wedding. Intersperse the panel with some scented candles and silk drapes.

In fact you can give each guest a flower garland that they have to wear as they like. It will add some fun to the wedding photos.

Traditional Tamil Wedding
Traditional Tamil Wedding (PC:

Light up the Wedding – To make your wedding venue look cozier and intimate have a lot of subtle lights. If you are planning to have an outdoor wedding; dress up the trees with some ferry lights. Have long hanging chandeliers, lanterns and café lights hanging from above. This works wonders especially if you have lofty ceilings. Try to have amber or pink uplights as the warm glow is inviting and can make any place look chic and stylish. It also works well for the photographs.

Different Mandap Ideas – Instead of going in for the typical wedding colours you could look at more English colours for the mandap. Use netted drapes in silver and complement them with fresh flowers like carnations, orchids and lily. Also, instead of wrapping the pillars of the mandap with flowers you could also use silk drapes. Add some good lighting to enhance the look.

Have a theme – You could have a common theme for your special day and carry it through all the decor, gifts, lighting and more. For instance if you go in for a white and gold theme- go all out with white carnations and white lily as the flower for the decor, white and gold drapes for the mandap, white and gold crockery for the meal and complete it with some soft ambient lighting in yellow.

So now that you know how to make your wedding fun; go ahead with buckets full of enthusiasm and create everlasting memories.


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