Unusual Wedding Destinations In and Around Mumbai

When we talk about unusual wedding destinations near Mumbai, there are several amazing destination that can be perfect for the weddings. There are many NRI families who come to these beautiful destinations for arranging their big day, and many International couples from overseas as well choose their destination wedding from these places around Mumbai city.  One can search for potential partners in the matrimonial site Saadi.com.

  1. Lonavala

Lonavala is only popular among the locales of the city. It offers a breathtaking scenery view of the landscapes and has lush greenery that is soothing to the eyes and the soul. Lonavala is very popular for its local sweet named Chikki. It is a caramelized sweet loaded with peanuts and other dry fruits.  Lonavala is also popular among tourists for mountaineering and rock-climbing. Not many know that it also serves as an ideal wedding destination.

Planning on a destination wedding in Lonavala is certainly a great idea! There are multiple options for couples to choose from. Lonavala can be great for weddings, amidst the breezy weather and beautiful landscapes, tying the knot will be a whole new level of exhilaration.

  1. Khandala

Another best choice for destination weddings near Mumbai is Khandala. There are a large number of wedding venues in Khandala and the choice can get gruesome for the couples, some of the best venues for destination weddings such as the beautiful and scenic hilly resorts and apple orchard farm houses can make for a superb wedding venue.

Khandala - Destination Weddings near Mumbai
Khandala – Destination Weddings (PC: journeymart.com)
  1. Panchgani

Next comes the beautiful hill station Panchgani. Choosing Panchgani as a wedding destination is a super cool idea, exchanging wedding vows in this serene destination can be auspiciously believed to secure the future of the couple in the most peaceful manner, just as peaceful and tranquil as the destination is. This quaint little hill station is one of India’s most stunning hill stations with beautiful landscapes, picturesque views and amazing farm houses that are built beautifully. These spectacularly built farmhouses with huge gardens serve as perfect wedding venues where the open lawns can be used for arranging lunch or dinner feast for the wedding.

  1. Igatpuri

Next in line for couples is Igatputi, where couples can go for tying the knot in the amazingly tranquil Igatpuri which are enriched with the plants and a lush green backdrop, all of which offers a visual treat to the eye and calm one’s senses. It serves as a perfect location for weddings that will have an outdoor spirit in the wedding with some fresh cool breeze and lush green lawns. Guests can get entertained in the wedding and the same time, enjoy the breathtaking scenic beauty of the nature.

  1. Karjat

The beauty of this place is still virgin and unspoiled. Getting hitched in this beautiful land of earth will enrich the bond between the couple.  All these factors make Karjat a popular choice and also one of the most sought after wedding destinations from the locales of Mumbai and other residents of Maharashtra.


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