Adding A Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Yadav Wedding

The Yadav or the erstwhile Yaduvanshi is a community where Lord Krishna was born into. Mostly a land-owning community, they have historically been a traditional and prosperous community. Over the years, however, they have taken many steps to improve their living conditions and moved ahead with times.

Owing to their significant presence in business, they are one of the most enterprising and influential communities of Northern India. They are lovers of fun and frolic and that reflects in their wedding ceremonies as well. However, there is always few ways to give a contemporary look to a traditional Yadav Matrimony.

How will you add a contemporary look to your Traditional Yadav Wedding?

Weddings are not just about getting married; weddings are about showing your style. You can spruce up a traditional wedding with the help of any of the following ways.

  1. Set up a Theme for the Wedding

Whether you belong to a city or hail from a traditional countryside household, you can always decide on a wedding theme. Decide on a particular decor for the wedding and go with it. It may not be extravagant. It can rather be a subtle touch of style. Plus it will act as a starting point for your planning.

  1. Add a zing with Lighting and Flowers

Carefully conceived lighting and floral arrangement will help in taking the theme forward. Hire a lighting designer and/or a flower organizer for the event and get him to work on the venue based on the decoded theme. Use a lot of chandeliers, lanterns or other contemporary lighting according to the mood of your wedding.

  1. Make a great First Impression

First impression is the last impression is not a cliché when it comes to weddings. You would like everyone to remember your wedding. And that starts with the first impression. Impress your guests with a grand reception. Choose your wedding bloom and put up wreaths made of those blooms on the entrance. You could also arrange those flowers around your guests’ seating area. These beautiful embellishments will give yours guests a grand welcome.

Traditional Yadav Wedding
Traditional Yadav Wedding (PC:
  1. Focus on the Centerstage

Your centerstage is the space where the wedding is to take place. A real detail-oriented centerstage will make for a great space for the conventional Yadav matrimony to take place. Decorate the space with potted plants, small trees, garlands, and trellises.

  1. Drape the Venue in an eclectic manner

You can create a different world within the wedding venue by draping it with nice and bright coloured linen. Choose a fabric that matches your wedding theme; or just pick white for a clean, classic look. You could just drape the ceiling also. This will also make the space feel totally different, and it’s more economic that way. Choose the tablecloths, runners in bold colours contrasting with the main colour of the drape.

  1. Funk up the Glassware

Instead of clear and traditional glassware, an unusual shade like Blue, red or cobalt will add instant a certain personality to your table. The little splashes of colour throughout the room can give a huge impact to the entire decor.


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