Adding A Contemporary Look To Your Traditional Iyer Wedding

Iyer weddings are called as kalyanam and they are performed with specific rites and rituals. Thus if you really get a chance then you must attend such weddings because in Iyer matrimony you will see that there would be lots of customs and traditions. Iyers are Tamil speaking people and the wedding that they take up would be like Hindu wedding. Bride would wear Madisaar and the groom would be bare-chested with a dhoti. But since you have been looking for contemporary Iyer wedding then you have to make certain changes in this.

Need for contemporary wedding

Contemporary weddings are meant to be good combo of the rites and rituals as well as some fun that would make everyone happy. In the world where marriages are really considered as quite sacred you should think of adding some amount of changes so that there would be amazing levels of fun for the guests and all those who are participating in the wedding.

You can check out the online videos or ideas and that will help you to know what ideas would help to make the wedding more exciting. You should make certain potent changes in dressing and décor. These things should be well planned from the start only. Since wedding would have many rites, the dressing option may not work. But after the wedding is over you can think of something unique and productive. In Iyer matrimony you will see that the modern girls and boys want some exciting thing in marriages. Thus it is really good that you know how to add some changes in the normal wedding. Often you will see that these people also try to keep destination wedding.

Traditional Iyer Weddings
Traditional Iyer Weddings (PC:

Try these ideas

  • The weddings are considered to be simply fun in all aspects. All the more they can be made exciting by involving elders as well in music and dance. They would love all this.
  • Online videos can be checked out too. If you want, hire wedding planners. These planners are going to be the best for providing guidance as to what new things can be added.
  • If destination weddings are being sought, then lot of changes can be included. Contemporary decoration can be included when it comes to the interior. The group of people can be made to wear contemporary things. These things are surely going to help in adding a difference to the wedding as compared to normal one.

Obviously, some elders wouldn’t accept these things as it is and there would always be some apprehension. However, some of them are too forward these days and so, convincing them is going to be easy. Always have some good ideas about these contemporary weddings. Always make the wedding a memorable one and bring in a change.


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