Some Offbeat Accessories Ideas For A Tamil Grooms

In a south Indian wedding, usually the groom does not need to decorate themselves with any kind of ornaments as compared to that off the brides. That are loaded with gold from head to heels. As the things are changing, the grooms can also have the pleasure of accessorizing themselves for their big day. Tamil matrimony helps to look up a catalogue of possible accessories that a groom can pull off well and will look descent.

For a change the grooms can change their attire from a traditional dhoti and shirt to sherwani,  that looks more royal and classy. They can even try wearing beautifully emroided kurta and pajama. They can even take a kind of shawl or stole to make it look more royal, that too with great embroidery or heavy work. Grooms often wear proper suit with tie for their weddings, that also compliments the outfit of the bride.

Wedding Dress for Groom
Wedding Dress for Groom (PC:

The groom can also wear a chain of semi-precious pearls or stones, a long single chain that compliments the outfit of the groom. This turns out to be a good idea, as it looks sober and classy to pull off an offbeat touch to the typical south Indian Tamilian wedding.

There is nothing much that can be added on to the groom like accessories to compliment them for the wedding day. They can add a classy branded watch on their wrist and can sometimes wear a bracelet specially designed for men, most probably of gold.

Men can also have their grooming sessions, like facial and massages that improves their skin and glow, and also brightens up their complexion. This grooming session shows a great difference on the faces of the groom to, it’s not only a bride’s duty to look beautiful but the groom also has to be the most handsome man of the day.

The next thing that can be added is to put up a brooch which is studded with gems, opt for the color that the bride will be wearing on the wedding day. Another thing that the groom can experiment on himself is the shoes. No need of wearing those chappals, that is usually is worn by the groom under dhoti for south Indian weddings. If you are not wearing a dhoti, then chapplas are a big NO NO! Get some good footwear complimenting your outfit.

Tamil matrimony has some ideas that can be best for consulting to change the look of a typical south Indian groom, and keeping in mind the tradition and customs being carrying forward since ages immemorial.


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