A Traditional Indian Vidaai

India is a place where we follow all the rituals. We are also emotional quite here. Thus after all the shadi rituals get over, the mahurat may come where Vidaai of the bride has to be taken up. Thus, the bride would be said good bye. Ideally, this should be like bidding a bye and with a smile. But there has been a trend in India of crying. This has continued since many years. But now is the time when this system or this ritual should change. In fact, in many cases you will see that there is a pre-decision taken that crying would be avoided.

How should the vidaai be ideally?

It is important to note that ideally, vidaai should be without crying. It should include taking blessings and embraces and good words. But it should not include crying. This is because this would affect the bridal makeup to a considerable extent and it would really look very bad. It is true that vidaai can be an emotional moment for bride and her family. But they should also respect that with taking too much on burden on the emotional status they are actually making the entire function down.

The vidai takes place after the wedding or after the reception. In most of the castes, there is a fixed mahurat for the same and the vidaai takes place at that time only. The bride seeks blessings of her family members and extended family members. Her cousins, friends and all the close relatives would take part in this. They would all want her to stay in her best health even after the shadi.

Indian Vidaai
Indian Vidaai (PC: shaadigrapher.com)

Is Vidaai on any particular time?

Vidaai is predicted on a particular time. The family pandit takes out the time and this has to be followed. The rituals and the wedding things should be performed in such a way that the family of the bride is able to get all the perfect options on time. The vidaaai time should be balanced and thus it is everyone’s duty to take up all the rituals on timely basis. In fact, In India it is preferred that all the rituals finish and start with the right time.

Wedding is the time that really needs proper care. The bride should take all the measures to stay in the perfect means and look. But often vidaai is the time when she may break down and all the balance would be lost. But, try to stay as much open to things as you can. These days the mentality of people has also changed. People have become open to new things in life. Thus the bride would mostly lead her life as per her wish and there would hardly be any interference of the in-laws. Keeping this in mind, vidaai should be happy and there should be smile among everyone. This is what the modern vidaai is. Traditional vidaai had many emotions together. But now the modern brides have changed the statement of vidaaai. Understand the basic difference between what happened initially and what happens now.


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