Some Offbeat Accessories Ideas For A Kayastha Groom

Wedding designers seek to create new styles every year that sets them apart from the rest of the people. However, the overwhelming feeling becomes more prominent when these designers try to create offbeat accessories for the groom. When it comes to Kayastha matrimony, there are lots of rituals that are associated with the marriage itself. The attire of the groom is usually flashy and ethnic and so are the accessories. If you are planning to get married, you have to take a quick look at some of the cutting edge accessories that have created a rage during this season.

Types of accessories

As far as the trend is concerned, all sorts of accessories have made an appearance in the latest wedding collections and a lot of designer houses have focused on customized accessories for Kayastha grooms. Although most of the collections reflect tradition at its best, a lot of accessory designers for men have capitalized on a combination of modern and traditional aspects. Whether you are buying mojris for the wedding day or a pair of formal shoes for the reception, there is a lot of opportunity for people to experiment with new designs and colors. The wallet for the groom has to be always made from leather as there is little opportunity for alternative options.

Brooch and turban

In Kayastha matrimony, the groom has to put on the traditional costume as in all Indian marriages. If the groom wears a sherwani, it must be accompanied by a brooch. Instead of a stone-studded brooch which is commonly worn by a groom on the wedding day, it can be made from silver with meenakari work. The same applies for mojris and jutis. The groom can choose to wear a traditional mojri made from jute which might not be very colorful but works wonders with a colorful sherwani. The sehra or the turban has to be traditional but you can add crystals to it as an offbeat idea for making it look different.

Kayastha Weddings
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Dress with style

Although the idea of offbeat accessories has come into effect during the recent times, a Kayastha groom cannot leave the traditional accessories and way to make things different has to be subtle without outbidding the traditional aspects. What the groom wears must reflect the personality of the individual. Thus, when a groom wears a designer suit or a kurta on the big day, cufflinks can be a good choice. However, the cufflink can be made from metal and the body can be stone studded or have crystals instead of the plain look.

The final tip

When it comes to offbeat accessories for the Kayastha groom, there can be endless possibilities. If you are really keen to try a new design that can allow you to stand out in the crowd, you have to make sure that it pertains to your taste. After all, it cannot be denied that accessories can bring out your personality in the most appropriate manner although you need to be careful that the one you have chosen does not make your appearance extravagant on the day of the wedding.


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