Some Twists You Can Add To Your Traditional Nadar Wedding Customs

The Nadar community stems from different parts of the South Indian state of Tamilnadu and today is among the most influential members of the society. They are in general extremely educated part of the populace having high intelligence and also are among some of the wealthy members of the society. They have long maintained the traditions of the ancestors on all social occasions especially during the marriage ceremonies.

Some special angles

If you are looking forward to making your Nadar matrimony more attractive and contemporary, you can add some flavor to the traditional customs and awe the family along with guests.

Traditional Nadar Wedding Customs
Traditional Nadar Wedding Customs (PC:
  • A typical Nadar matrimony begins with fixing of the alliance that is declared by the elder most persons of respective families. Here you can give the ceremony an interesting twist by arranging for a small and homely celebration by arranging the announcement to take place on the PA system with some appropriate music to follow.
  • The re-wedding ceremonies begin when the groom’s family brings in garlands and other gifts to bless the bride, and it is an occasion of joy. Instead of ending the ceremony by only dressing the bride with flowers and showering her with gifts and the traditional exchange of gifts, you can arrange for some Mehendi application on hands. This will create the fusion effect that a lot of marriages prefer to have that gives them the interesting twist too.
  • The next is the gold melting ceremony at the groom’s house where the gold is melted by the family goldsmith for making of auspicious golden pendant that the groom ties around the neck of his bride. The puja and the ceremony can all take place with traditions to follow, and you can seek the blessing of some more people by arranging for a meal for the poor of the area.
  • The wedding attires play an important role in any traditional Indian marriage and your Nadar matrimony is no exception. You can give your entire marriage a plush and modern look by paring your outfit on the lines of the colorful and elegant by wearing the outfits like the Sherwani and Lehanga to match jewelry made out of gold and pearl or those that come in Kundan.
  • If you are planning to make your traditional Nadar matrimony a real spectacular one, then you can plan for a themed destination wedding ceremony. Hosting the wedding ceremony in a setting that is different from your native place will surely enchant the people of different regions that come to attend it, and the locale will enchant your own. With all the traditional exchange of the garlands, the tying of the thali or the pendant and the smearing of the vibhuti on the bride’s forehead are all more exciting today in a setting that is themed differently like by the seaside.

No Nadar matrimony is complete with the hearty meals that all guests enjoy with the newly wed couple. Give it a twist with by making it a mix of the traditional with the selection of some continental dishes to delight your guests even if you cannot afford a destination wedding.


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