Some Twists You Can Add To Your Traditional Brahmin Wedding Customs

Brahmin matrimony in India is followed by their traditions and rituals. They are mainly classified as following their each ritual staunchly and all rituals are worth performing and watching. They are stern believer in their customs and their traditional values are quite high. They follow various rituals which are rich according to ancient culture and tradition. They reflect different phases of evolving rites around India. The followers of these rituals are available more in southern parts of the country like Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Discover more customs:

The Brahmins hails from Kerala and Tamil Nadu have various rituals and rites which are enjoyable that carries different essence of religion with them. They have deep values attached to these rituals and all Brahmin matrimony performs these rituals with all devotion. These customs are performed with purity. There is no Brahmin marriage that is complete without customs and rituals as well as you will be bewildered as you come to know more about such rituals and customs. When you are planning and organizing the Brahmin matrimony then you can make changes in the rituals and customs by giving some twists and turns to the ceremony. You can give themes to the wedding by organizing something exciting and not usual boring get together.

Brahmin Wedding Customs
Brahmin Wedding Customs (PC:

Arrange wedding cake and different themes:

You can arrange wedding cake for the bride and groom and make the occasion more refreshing. The Brahmin weddings can be turned in to a special affair for the bride and groom if you add little spark to the matrimony. You can seek permission from elders and arrange destination wedding for the couple-to-be. They will feel amazing and people who all will be present there will remember the whole wedding for long time. You can decorate mandap with different themes. You can get the rings for both bride and groom and plan engagement ceremony on the wedding day. Bride and groom will exchange rings. It’s the authentic start of the ceremony of the family.

There are many other things you can add to the Brahmin wedding and make the occasion more interesting. Different things done on the occasion makes the ceremony a lifetime event to remember. The Brahmin matrimony is followed by day rituals that begin with the first ray of sun that includes different rituals which vary from region to region as well as diverse among assorted communities. These marriages are fixed mainly by the parents of the groom and bride after seeing the compatibility between the two. So they also take each step carefully in organizing the wedding as they do not want any loophole in the matrimony.

Add spark to the wedding:

It’s always advisable to add some spark in the wedding to restrict it from any sort of dullness and problem. Various snacks and food is served in the ceremony which is strictly vegetarian. You can think about an idea where you cans serve food and snacks in some different way and packaging. All these twists and turns will make the wedding more exciting, interesting and a ceremony to remember for long time.


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