Some Offbeat Accessories Ideas For A Kannada Groom

Kannada weddings are full of authentic food and there would be authentic clothing that would surely look attractive. When it comes to the groom’s dressing then you should understand that mostly he would wear a dhoti. But since times have changed, if the modern groom wants to try some newer accessories then he should try them. There was a time when you could see that people would just stick to the old rituals. But now even the older generation is ready to change and so Kannada matrimony would witness new things.

Take up the right accessories and dressing

In the times when everything is changing, even the groom can try new dressing. But if he wants to stick to the authentic dressing then there are some accessories that he can think of. He can carry a prop as in the talwar which is normally seen in Marwari weddings. He can wear some light jewelry like the gold bracelet or the gold chain. He can even try to make things more authentic or traditional and give the look like that of the epics. Thus, there are many ideas that he can try.

If the modern Kannada groom wants to make some modifications in the dressing then he can plan out to wear formal things. He can even wear the traditional things like sherwani and the jodhpur clothing. You can get the same made from the designer. Online also you can check as to what kind of marriage clothing are available. If you really want to look smart then try some new things.

Kannada Wedding Grooms
Kannada Wedding Grooms (PC:

Try online ideas

You will come across many ideas and you can even search for a few online things. You can ask your friends who belong to the other castes and that would also help you in making selection of attire and accessories. You should always take trial of things that you are going to buy. Kannada matrimony is quite exciting and many people would come to attend the wedding and so the groom has to look smart by all means. For that all he can do is, attend someone close by’s wedding and see as to what all things are there and then based on that he can also take the cession as to what kind of changes he wants to bring in his authentic attire. Foot wear also makes a good way for looking smart. So, if you have selected the authentic footwear then you must try the right footwear for the same. In India you can get almost everything and so things would be pretty simple. Try these things and see.

There are many ways in which you can creatively adorn yourself. So, make sure that you really know how you have to go ahead. In the times when people surely would appreciate some different look, you should be in touch with the novel things that people try at wedding. Kannada people are quite modern and they don’t mind accepting some potent and productive changes.


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