Why One Can Marry Even When The Kundali Doesn’t Match

Kundali is one such issue in Indian society that holds many people’s faith. On astrological websites, publications and forums, quite frequently you come across frustrated lovers showing kundali matchmaking as the biggest hurdle in their marriage. Youngsters have enough respect for the social status and sentiments of their elder people. This is the main reason why they wish their seniors to shower blessing on them in the matrimony. When your kundali does not match then you don’t have to worry. You can get the mid way to all those kundali dosh and errors corrected through some puja or ceremony with the help of priests and get marry.

Get married even when kundli does not match:

Kundali Matchmaking
Kundali Matchmaking (PC: kundalimatchingonline.com)

Two individuals who love each other just want to get marry beyond all those kundali dosh. Most of the lovers do not believe in kundalis as well. They confront the kundali matchmaking test and fail. One can imagine how bad they should have felt about astrology while they get “no” nod on marriage from their families. According to astrologers whose kundali doesn’t match should not get married to each other or else it will bring them ill luck and ill health. The compatibility will also be bad in two people if they are not married before matching their kundalis. This is a simple myth that if kundali does not match you should not marry the person. Instead you should find out various ways through which your kundalis match and you can live a happy life. When you know your life is not compatible according to kundali then you should not marry as the saying goes, “known devil is better than an unknown angel”.

Listen to elders:

You should always consider a golden advice from your seniors. It wouldn’t be wise to look for kundali matchmaking while you are involved with each other since a lot of time now. If something harmful comes out during this matchmaking then it would generate a doubt for complete life. This is a futile way to stop someone madly in love with each other by simply matching kundali to marry. You should not judge astrology or kundali matching over common sense. Astrologers are just play a role of an instrument many times. The relationship of wife and husband is based on trust, love, care, support and compatibility. This relationship is establishes when there are huge degrees of ‘Rinanubandhan’.

This means that your past dues are to be settled. When there are various past dues are to be settled then only 2 people would become couples. Understanding the importance of fate, one cannot claim these astrologer declaring miss match of kundlies. Possibilities are there that not sufficient ‘Rinanubandhan’ is there between the 2 lovers to turn out to be a wife and husband as well as kundali matching may be simply influential in avoiding the relationship. In this case, when kundli toning is okay, there perhaps are various other obstacles to hinder the connection to materialize. So even when your kundlis are not matching do not bother and get married to the one you love.


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