Adding Fusion Elements to your Muslim Bridal Style

Islamic weddings are all about following some of the most important rituals and socializing. However, the bridal dress and jewelry can be made more stylish and intricate with modern elements to make the wedding special in more than one ways. For instance, a mix and match or a change here and there in jewelry and outfits by adding pearls with kundan and adding sequins along with embroidery can really make a grand bridal style without going haywire. Although a Muslim bride is supposed to put on the traditional attire just like the other brides, changes in design can make all the difference when it comes to flaunting new styles and designs. There are a whole lot of retail outlets and online stores that presents a display of collections whether it is about bridal clothes or jewelry.

Muslim Bride

Making it difference

When it comes to the outfits of Muslim brides, piety and modesty play an important role. However, a lot of experimentation is carried out by the present-day designers for creating a special look for the bride without creating a disruption in the traditional elements. The crux is that a Muslim bride must portray an elegant look although she can prefer to flaunt a modern outfit.

Have a quick look at the following points.

  • For a Muslim bride, an alluring and elegant outfit on the wedding day is most appropriate. Along with the expressions that she needs to tackle to maintain her modesty as part of the orthodox culture, a combination of formal and semi-formal styles is preferred by the modern day brides.
  • A Muslim bride may have to attend several occasions after marriage whether it is about a family occasion or going out with the husband’s friends or colleagues. It is good to create an impression with a stylish salwar kameez along with an embroidered dupatta particularly as part of the post wedding outfits.
  • Keeping in mind the fascinating styles of embroideries, a Muslim bride can choose to portray a different look with a long top with full sleeves containing heavy embroidery throughout along with capris that may extend a little more below the knees for attending semi-formal occasions. However, it is good to find out the mindset of the boy’s family before experimenting with clothes.
  • For a newly-wed bride, a simple salwar kameez with heavily embellished dupatta can add special element to the style.
  • For the wedding day, a long shirt along with heavily embroidered lehenga will surely not come in the way of the traditions that a bride must follow.
  • For jewelry, polki and jadau can be a good choice and diamonds instead of the same old kundan work. A heavy and colored diamond set instead of heavy kundan adds versatility to the bridal style.

While a wedding is all about following the rituals, Muslim brides have to stick to the traditional and orthodox rules most of the times. However, it is possible to make changes in the sharara and anarkali dress that can make the wedding tremendously enthusiastic and exciting as far as the bridal style is concerned and can be considered as a significant collection of the bride’s outfits.


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