5 mistakes to avoid in a Kayastha Wedding

There are so many ceremonies in Kayastha wedding for all there are different decorations needed. Instead of spending on lots of décor items just choose simple and elegant décor theme, which will surely save your expenses. You can hire wedding decorators that are easily available. You can set your budget or can bargain with them easily. There are few mistakes that are to be avoided in Kayastha matrimony.

  • Do not purchase bridal wear instead take on rent:

You should avoid buying bridal outfits and groom’s outfit as they are quite expensive and worn just once. You can also get bridal wear and grooms wear on rent. Instead of buying heavy jewelry try to discuss with family and go for light and trendy one which is more useful than heavy one. Always get the jewelry that can be worn again and again. Kayastha matrimony is one of the most popular matrimonies in India. Kayastha caste does not like to spend much on unnecessary items.

  • Avoid last minute invitees:

Always make sure that your invitations reach to your relatives a month before your wedding so that they can prepare their mind, clothes, and reservations accordingly. You can create a page on social media site and can send a request to all your relatives and friends. Make a list of people with whom you need to invite through cards and send them so they don’t get rude.

  • Choose affordable wedding venue in budget:

You should book an affordable wedding venue for your Kayastha matrimony. In India, even schools, Colleges, malls and even Parks are easily available for wedding purpose. However, to make wedding affordable you should at least check few options before finalizing it. You can ask your friends if any resorts or banquets owner are known to them.

  • Invite limited relatives in Wedding and arrange reception for everyone:

You can invite limited people in the wedding but do not forget to invite everyone in reception. Most of the people have a tight budget and they cannot invite everyone in wedding and reception simultaneously. So it’s advisable to invite few in Kayastha matrimony and all known persons in reception.

  • Wedding rituals on time, avoid any delay:

All rituals and customs should be performed on time in Kayastha wedding. There should not be any delay in any ritual as there are specific times for every tradition. Some are to be performed in the morning and some at night. So always follow the time to which you have to complete the things accordingly.

Though kayastha wedding ceremonies are same everywhere but a few changes and reflections of culture are noticeable in different regions they live in. They usually prefer marrying same caste girl or boy. The wedding is divided into 3 parts such as pre, during as well as post wedding. Kayastha wedding rituals and customs are followed in Kayastha caste everywhere. You can find customs like bariksha, again, Haldi, Mehendi, tilak, bhaat, narat, and Kanya Daan.


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