Pre Wedding Rituals For a Bhandari Weddings

Bhandari weddings follow the ethnicity and simplicity of the Maharashtrian culture. These weddings are colorful and fun to attend. They do not have complicated rituals, very simple and beautiful rituals indulging lots of colors and enthusiasm.

All the rituals of the Bhandari wedding are performed during the day time, the wedding is also very simple but beautiful in its own way. Every culture has different ideas of beginning the auspicious event of marriage, different idea of performing rituals and their own beliefs which makes them unique and diverse.

To focus on the pre-wedding rituals for an appropriate match in Bhandari Matrimonials, the following rituals take place with great enthusiasm and hope for a peaceful and successful life of the couple. These weddings have a number of pooja’s and rituals. First of all, they need to find an appropriate Bhandari match and to see they do not have the same gotra. Horoscopes are matched by the purohits and then a suitable date is fixed for the wedding.



After this both the families perform ‘Kelvan’ , which is done to offer prayers to their kuldevta, a prayer done by the priest which is attended by both the groom and the bride’s family.


The next pre wedding ritual is the ‘SakharPuda’, which is performed months after Kelvan. It is the first pre wedding ritual ceremony to begin the wedding rituals before the wedding.  ‘Sakharpuda’ means ‘ sugar packet’, the bride and the groom’s family exchange sugar and feed sugar as a sweet start to the celebration. It is also considered as an engagement, in which the bridegroom’s mother gives sari and puts tilak to the bride. And the same is performed by the bride’s side to the groom’s family and then they exchange sweets and rings .


The next ceremony is ‘HaldiChadhavat’, the bride and grooms are applied with turmeric paste on their face, feet and hands. After this, the bride and the groom are not supposed to leave their house. The five suvasini (wedded women) apply this paste with mango leaves first on feet, then knees, then shoulders and then on the forehead three times.

Mehendi and Chura Ceremony

The mehendi and ‘chura’ ceremony is done by the bride’s friends and sisters. The bride is supposed to wear green bangles and has to wear it even after a month or two after the marriage. There is a lot of dance and fun during this ceremony.

Simant Puja

‘Simant Puja’ is performed at the boundary of the bride’s house, where the bride’s mother washes the feet of the groom and puts tilak and does aarti and give him gifts. The groom’s mother  then gifts five saari’s to the bride.


A day before the wedding ‘sankalp’ is performed in which both the families of the groom and the bride announce the marriage and invites their family and relatives in the presence of the priest. To bless the couple and grace the occasion with their presence.

The BhandariMatrimony is a convenient way to guide the Bhandari wedding and to find an appropriate Bhandari match.


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