When Planning Your Own Buddhist Wedding, opulence on dime!

Wedding is a matter of joy and happiness in families no matter whichever caste wedding is happening. More and more individuals admire Buddhism these days with all their heart. They want to go for Buddhist matrimony and embrace peace. Buddha taught people to follow compassion and wisdom to perform each worldly and out worldly problems. Living with love and in peace are the two main goals of every human being. Buddhist weddings are based mainly on the deep mutual understanding and respect between couples and it equal partnership between the two.

Buddhist Wedding, Matrimony (PC:thebigfatindianwedding.com)

Buddhists can marry anyone outside their caste:

Buddhists are allowed to marry anyone across the world from any caste and religion. Their union is a harmonious combination of the various abilities and strengths of woman and man. When you are tight on budget and have very less to spend money in your wedding then you can experience the luxury and class in all little things you do for your wedding and opulence on dime. When you are marrying to Buddhist then you have to take care of few things and know the process of the Buddhist matrimony. Primarily you need to choose the date of the wedding that happens in all the weddings across the world. But Buddhist can marry anytime as there is no such day that is forbidden for these couples to get married.

Choose offseason date for wedding as there is no restriction on the date:

This is a good chance for a Buddhist bride and grooms to choose the offseason date and fix their wedding to avoid any kind of wedding hassles. There are numerous Buddhist celebrating vacations on Buddha’s birthday and Bodhisattvas. When you select these days for your Buddhist wedding then it would be a great honor for you. You will be truly blessed. You can experience the almighty presence in the wedding on such occasions and it will be all sacred and divine. When you plan your Buddhist matrimony then you need to look for Buddhist monks and Lamas to conduct your big day.

Temple wedding in the morning:

The blessing event can take place at the temple around 9 to 10 am in the morning. Buddhists wedding is not a lavish affair so not much expense is incurred on these weddings. You can save a lot of money in the decoration and on wedding outfits as bride and groom both are free to drape whatever they wish but not anything which is revealing. Groom generally wears a designer suit and bride wears a simple wedding dress.

Participants of Buddhist wedding:

When you are planning a Buddhist wedding then you can invite your friends, relatives and known to the wedding ceremony. People of every religion as well as family members along with friends are welcomed with all grace to attend the wedding to give their blessings to bride and groom. People from different religion can attend a Buddhist wedding as long as they are aware about the instructions of temple. They should act respectfully towards the monks and other dignitaries in the temple.



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