10 Tips to Make a Devanga Wedding Affordable

Weddings bring joy in the life of a couple and they start dreaming about their future life. A wedding brings not only two people but two families together. You can go for Devanga Matrimony and make it an affordable wedding affair. Always choose the best but at low prices. make sure you avoid extra expenditures.

Devanga Wedding (PC:ekbandhan.in)
  1. Off-Season Wedding – wedding in seasons are always expensive. In Devanga Matrimony everything has to be discussed with the priest. You can ask the priest or other family member and can fix off season wedding date. In off season you will get everything in your plan.
  2. Avoid Weekends and Other National Holiday – Weekends and national off should be avoided, as on these days venues, accommodation and hotels will not give you discounts. These are quite common dates for wedding and parties. This will not only save your money on the venue but also on other things.
  3. Off-Season Shopping – Try to shop in off season or from the wholesale market. In off season you can get good deals. After venue Shopping is the main Expense of wedding, work smartly and if possible you can also get bridal wear on rent.
  4. Venue – In Devanga Matrimony you can also choose temple or community center as a wedding destination. Try to book a venue at least three to four months in advance to get a good discount.
  5. Wedding Planner – some will take planner as an expense, but these are the people who have a good hold on the local market and can help you in getting a good discount. The arranging wedding is their daily Job; they will make sure for best alternatives if needed. They can save your money in arranging gifts, catering, shopping, and decoration.
  6. Avoid Multiple Venues and ceremonies – Instead of arranging multiple venues for different ceremonies try to book one venue only. It will help you in negotiating and getting good deals. Indian weddings are full of ceremonies; if possible you can avoid some less important or unwanted ceremonies.
  7. Décor – Be smart and try decoration with Marigold, rose and jasmine and fancy fabric and more lights. Try to avoid orchids or other expensive flowers. Candles and piece artwork. You can hire a decorator and can choose a theme. Don’t go for cheap one or an expensive one, go for middle options.
  8. Food – In Devanga community food is very important, as this community belongs to Brahmins. Try to maintain quality instead of quantity. In the Indian wedding, you will found more than 50 dishes, which caused huge wastage of food. Try to arrange food properly and according to the guest expected.
  9. Guest List – try to avoid inviting unwanted guests. Or try to customize the list according to the rituals.
  10. E-Cards – you can also send e-cards to your relatives and friends. It looks trendy and fashionable and is quite cheaper than cards. Send invitation cards to elders and other important persons for the rest e-card will work.

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