How the Groom Should Take Care of his in-laws

In India marriages are not about two individuals, they are about two families. A lot of emphasis is laid on family traditions and values with the joint family system still in place. Both the bride and the groom have to adapt to each other’s families in order to have a happy married life. Though the woman needs to make more adjustments as she usually lives with her in laws but that does not mean that the groom is spared of the role of taking care of his in laws. We give you small tips on how a groom can look after his new parents. You could also log onto matrimonial sites for divorcees to get more ideas and advice.

groom and inlaws theplunge

Spend time– It is important that you get to know you’re in laws well for which you need to spend enough time with them. Take out time from your busy schedule and go and stay with them. You should plan some holidays with them if possible so as get to spend exclusive time with them. It will not only make them feel special but will also help you get comfortable with them.

No comparisons– Never every compare your family with your partner’s family as it will only lead to arguments and fights with your spouse. Accept your in laws the way they are and try to adapt to them because they are much older and more fixed in their ideas.

No Criticism– The best way to avoid friction between families is to avoid criticism. Never criticize your in laws. If you disagree with their point of view bring it forth to your partner but do not speak to your in laws directly. This relationship is very fragile and needs to be nurtured with care.

Be diplomatic– Diplomacy is the key to many successful relations and especially when it comes to your in laws. It is best to be a little diplomatic if you disagree with their point of view. Never offend or hurt their sentiments. It best to be quiet and reserved than to be vociferous about your views.

Look into their needs– As a dutiful son-in-law it is required that you look after the needs of your in-laws. Take out time to understand their problems. If they have any health issues try and help them with trips to doctor’s clinics. In case of any financial constraints offer them a helping hand. It is how you build your relationship with them.

Marriages are made in heaven they say but they have to be nurtured and looked after by the two individuals involved. Hence, it is essential that you form a good bond with not only your partner but also her family as marriages are about families and traditions in India.


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