When Planning your own Telugu Wedding, opulence on a dime!

The wedding day is considered as the happiest day in the life of bride and groom and they wait months for this time of their life. Newlyweds usually spend on an average 15 to 20 lacs on the wedding. The amount goes up depending upon the society, caste and culture. You can make the most of your budget and get a luxurious wedding at low budget.

Release tension from your mind to get the most in less:

You need to hire a wedding planner for your Telugu matrimony as you cannot plan everything on your own. You simply need to decide a budget for your wedding and handover the money to the wedding planner and tell them your vision for the wedding day. It is their headache to think, plan, implement and execute. You do not have to take any tension regarding anything. Even if last moment alterations are needed, they are there to assist you in all situations. Wedding planners relieve lots of stress from the head of the bride or groom’s family. But these planners also take a huge amount of your finances.

Telugu Indian Wedding Photography
Telegu Wedding (PC: Biyaniphoto.com)

Go for wedding planners and get the most in your budget:

Most of the people do not have organizational and managerial skills and create a mess in wedding planning and expenses. So it is always advisable to hire a wedding planner who will give you a feel of luxury in your budget or opulence on a dime. You can feel like a price or princess only when you are stress-free and this tension can only go from your heads once you hire the planner for your wedding. You can get the estimates of various things such as bands, cakes, flowers, decoration and help your planner to set things in the budget and yet makes your occasion classy.

Select offseason for your wedding:

Amazing! This is indeed a good idea to choose your wedding date when there is no wedding season. In this way, you can save a lot on the venue front, get special discounts on florists, decorations, catering services and much more. Getting married in offseason will not make you feel as if you are doing anything in the budget as you will get maximum things on discounts from clothing to wedding venue. This way you can make the most use of the budget. In Telugu matrimony bride and groom parents usually look for ways of getting a reception or a wedding to be done in opulence on a dime. You can also save a lot of money on weekends.

Trim your guest’s list:

You should cut down the list of guests as there is no need to invite all people in your Telugu matrimony. Every name is not necessary on the list as it means another tumbler of champagne and dinner plate. Only invite those people who are important and close to your family. Just near and dear ones would do. Choose your guest list carefully.


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